Hello everybody! I hope you are all having a wonderful and hydrated day today! I am still in disbelief that pageant week begins tomorrow. The fact that we ladies have accomplished so much in these gruesome times of covid speaks louder than words! I am so proud of all my pageant sisters for what they have completed during their reign.  

As many of you may know, I took initiative in launching a new series called, “The World Unfiltered.” This series consists of episodes where I use my title of Miss Teenage Peel 2021 to interview influential people about topics or issues in the world that should be discussed more in society! Each episode had a new topic with a new guest. This project had taken a few months to plan and I am so grateful to everyone that agreed to let me interview them! I am also so overjoyed that this series was a success. Don’t worry, more episodes will come after pageant week 🙂  

Let me tell you a little bit about why I started this series! I was always amused by talk shows like Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen Show, Kapil Sharma Show, and more when I was younger. I always found them entertaining and a great way to let your mind flutter off in a world of its own. However, my mind fluttering in places outside of reality is my biggest fear because I am aware that there are problems in our world that are SO relevant and nobody talks about them. I always asked myself,” Why doesn’t anybody make a TV series about these issues?” That’s when I came up with starting my own series and working hard on it until it perseveres. Who knows, maybe I can have my own TV show that gets broadcasted across television! Not going to lie, Miss Teenage Canada really pushed me outside of the box with this one haha. 

I have poured my heart and soul into these episodes, so if you have time, please check the series out <3 Here is the link to the playlist.  

Episode 1: A Deeper Look Into Schizophrenia With Michelle Hammer

Episode 2: Self-Acceptance In A Healthy Life   

Episode 3: Technology And Society 101

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this! Have a wonderful day, week, month, year and beyond!    

(Daily reminder to always love yourself and never care what anybody else says. ILY) 

With all my love, 

Khushi Vyas, Miss Teenage Peel 2021

Written by: Khushi