Good Morning everyone! It’s the one and only, Khushi once again. Judging from the title of the blog, some of you may have noticed the Harry Potter reference! If you did not, no worries. Here is the link to the reference. In all seriousness, I can’t believe Miss Teenage Canada 2021 is only 4 days away- I’m so not screaming in my head right now!  

So many things have happened these past 2 months like having physics in summer school, pageant prep, and just overall life taking a whirl! You may be wondering, how did you do physics while being a contestant in a pageant? Well, I have no idea, but all I can say is that I did it and I am so extremely proud of myself for accomplishing that big of a thing!  

We underestimate the power of a smile 🙂

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a little more about my platform, self-acceptance, and its importance once again. I can never emphasize enough the significance and value of this topic, so I might as well continue speaking about it till the light meets dawn!

Some people, I feel, struggle more than others with self-acceptance. The majority of people who struggle with self-acceptance, including myself, are quite self-aware. This causes individuals to be more self-aware than the average person, ruminating over what others may think of them. As a result of social media, they tend to put other people’s needs ahead of their own, and they can even idealize others while downplaying their own accomplishments or skills. Humility and selflessness are fantastic attributes to have, but they can also imply that one feels inadequate or thinks they should be more like the people they observe and idolize instead of being themselves. 

The biggest thing I have seen teens do is to punish themselves to fit in a group, just so they can seek validation to be accepted. Often what negative things we tell ourselves are: 

  • People would be drawn to me if I were just a little bit thinner
  • Maybe if I wasn’t such an introvert, shy, and awkward, people would like me because I socialize.  
  • Nobody else seems to be having the same problems that I am in school, relationships, and so on. Something must be wrong with me. 

And constantly acting as our own drill sergeant in this way can give us the false impression that “I don’t even deserve to be happy.” In its most severe form, this can lead to depression and always viewing life through a negative lens. But, because the things we think are wrong with us are often deeply ingrained in our personality or biology, changing them can be exhausting, if not impossible. 

Getting out of this negative cycle doesn’t mean you have to stop trying to be a better version of yourself or stop working on your perceived flaws. It is, however, learning to derive meaning and accomplishment from the things that are uniquely yours. When I was getting over my own depression and the things I despised about myself, I realized that the effects it had on me were sometimes positive: 

  • There’s nothing wrong with me enjoying some alone time; it allows me to think things through and learn about myself. 
  • My depression did not waste months of my life; instead, it taught me to be compassionate to others who are suffering. 
  • Being shy and quiet are not weaknesses; rather, they are strengths that allow me to think and analyze before acting. 

 The best thing you can do is to give yourself credit for who you are and be realistic about what you want to work towards. That’s what I have been telling myself for the longest time when I didn’t believe in the concept of self-love, but I seem to be doing better than ever before. So, I must’ve done something right haha.  

(basketball and drawing sketches are elements of myself that make me truly happy!)

Consider how your experiences have strengthened you and how you’ve turned them into positives. Instead of allowing others to determine your worth, recognize the intrinsic value of who you are right now. That is the key to achieving self-acceptance and self-love. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Have a wonderful day, week, month, year and beyond!  

With all my love, 

Khushi Vyas, Miss Teenage Peel 2021

Written by: Khushi