Hello everyone, hope you are having a nice day so far! 


This post is dedicated entirely to elaborate more on my platform as a representative of the Greater Toronto Area. As mentioned in my introductory post, I am calling action towards climate change as it is repeatedly neglected.


Global warming is partially inevitable since a lot of warming is “committed” by previous decisions. However, this does not prevent our society from working towards mitigating greenhouse gases, pollution and other negative aspects contributing to the issue. This is where my platform comes in, as a contestant for the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant, I am tackling a topic previously untouched. I wish to take this opportunity to ameliorate environmental concerns in my region, as well as our nation. As a topic that is relevant to every individual that inhabits the Earth, my platform has non-discriminatory potential. Since climate change, habitat destruction and human-induced extinction are being exacerbated due to man-made decisions, it is critical that we address the situation as soon as possible. 


Since the age of nine, I have been committed to the climate race and have continued throughout the years. I joined Future Possibilities For Kids from grades 4-6 in order to learn about environmental advocacy while creating projects. As of 2021, I am an incoming member of my school’s environmental council. During Model UN debates, I become “heated” (so-to-speak) when the topic at hand is related to climate change. MUN allows me to experience advocacy as a national representative, considering aspects including economy, health and needs.


I recently went on a family trip to Alberta where I was aware of many terrors caused by global warming. For example, instantaneous forest fires caused by extreme dryness are an issue that has been more prevalent in the recent five years or so. As a result, repercussions include smokey skies and a plummet in tree populations. Ontario is beginning to experience similar side-effects including rapidly spreading forest fires in the Northwest regions. Furthermore, global warming is also contributing to the receding of valuable glaciers–contributing negatively to the albedo effect. 

The negative examples I witnessed first-hand are revertable; a future without the constant worry of fire outbreaks is feasible. However, this requires the collaboration of many individuals, provinces and nations. Thus, my participation in the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant stems from my interest in mitigating climate change. As this issue is one that does not discriminate, it is crucial that each individual plays their part in ameliorating the environment. 


Thank you for reading to the end, and I hope you acquired a new interest in the environment, as well as my stance on the subject matter. I can’t wait for pageant week to start and see all the girls soon! 



– Miss Teenage GTA / Olivia Zhang


Written by: Olivia