Hello everyone, it’s Khushi again. I’m not the type of person who likes to get into politics simply because it’s a controversial world of its own, but I feel like what I am about to say must be said. I believe in protecting lives and human rights, but what’s happening in Afghanistan right now is gut-wrenching and absolutely heartbreaking. In case you don’t know what’s going on, let me fill you in.  

The U.S invaded Afghanistan after 9/11 in 2001. The Taliban was in control at the time after the U.S invaded. The Afghani democratic government was set up, as the U.S occupied Afghanistan to try to help support the government for 20 years. All the while, the Taliban was attacking Pakistan, which is an ally. The U.S did not have the negotiating power to force Pakistan to stop the Taliban, nor did they have the will to truly attack Pakistan and invade another country. This ultimately left the U.S being stuck in a stalemate for 20 years.    

Last year, the Trump administration made a deal with the Taliban. The very basics of it are the U.S would pull out of Afghanistan and the Taliban would stop attacking U.S assets. However, the Afghan government was not involved in this deal, nor was anyone else. Just the U.S government and the Taliban. The pull-out was going to happen under the next administration, being Biden. Biden had wanted out of Afghanistan while he was vice president, but they had no way of doing it in saving face. They knew the Afghan government was not strong enough to support itself against the Taliban and as soon as they pulled out, the Taliban would move in and conquer. So when Biden became president, he got stuck with this deal. Biden had two options. Either renege on the deal, which would hurt the credibility of falling out of the Iran deal and another deal could not be made under his administration because the U.S credibility would be shot OR Biden could allow the deal to go through by pulling out the U.S troops and let the Afghanistan government fall. They weren’t exactly sure how long it would take, but they knew it would happen. Biden ended up going with the second option. With this option, all the people who helped the U.S will suffer, women’s rights will suffer, and everything Afghanistan fought for the last 20 years is basically gone, but the U.S is pulling out of the Quagmire.  

Many people debate whether Biden is to blame for this or the Trump administration for making a deal that would guarantee the collapse of the Afghan government. Either way, it was unfortunately a loose clue situation. Either waste millions of dollars on a quagmire and U.S lives, or allow the lives of allies to be ruined in the area. The fact that is making me the most upset is that people are struggling and lives are about to be much worse either way. The more you know, the more depressed you are. I’ve never felt so helpless before. 

All I can really say is that there is no pain greater than the pain of a homeland. I have friends who have family in Afghanistan and they are devastated over the fact that safety is not guaranteed for them over there. Men and women are being slaughtered by the Taliban, they’re abducting women and forcibly marrying them to their militants, they’ve tortured children, executed innocent people, and more. This has been going on for two months and I feel terrible for only knowing this now. WHERE IS THE NEWS COVERAGE? Even if this situation may not be your problem, please put yourself in their shoes. This is a global crisis. Now is not the time for humanity to stay silent, it is the time for humanity to SPEAK UP. Click here for resources to help Afghanistan.    

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this.  

With all my love, 

Khushi Vyas, Miss Teenage Peel 2021


Written by: Khushi