Hello everyone, my name is Melika Mojaveri and I have been honoured with the title of being Miss Teenage Ottawa 2021! So far, the Miss Teenage Canada environment has been outstanding and my experience from the provincial competition was absolutely unforgettable. Pageantry is quite new to me and I’m still learning more about myself along with the abilities I hold to blossom as a powerful young woman in my community.

To introduce myself, during the past fifteen years of my life I’ve attended almost seven different schools and although I now live in Ottawa, Ontario, I was actually born in Prince George, British Columbia. I have been raised in a military household where my family and I have been posted across Canada every couple of years. All of the moving in such little amounts of time has truly allowed me to become an adaptive person while also letting me get a feel for all that this beautiful nation has to offer.


Growing up on military bases for half of my life and being surrounded by the Air Force environment, I’ve been inspired to an extent where I’ve always wanted to serve for this country through the sky. Whether it’s being an astronaut, aerospace engineer, aircraft engineer, soldier or Air Force pilot, I have always dreamt about such a career since the age of 5. Knowing that these fields of work are not as female dominated, I want to be a powerful, strong and impactful voice for any other young women and pageant girls who are passionate about certain things but feel underestimated. 

Moreover, I’ve been a dancer for nearly twelve years and have an admirable passion for the artistic sport. I dance with Canadian School of Dance and they have been a second home to me ever since I’ve moved to Ottawa. My dancing experience has actually significantly helped me blossom throughout the years into someone who is more confident, happy and loving for this amazing life. When I’m not dancing, I’m either skiing, playing tennis, writing poems or adventuring around the village in my area with family and friends. Being an active girl has allowed me to feel more appreciative of my own well-being and body while truly allowing me to live to my fullest!

All in all, I’m so incredibly grateful to have been crowned to represent this country’s capital and hope to continue being involved in my community while learning more about all that pageants have to offer!

Much love,

Melika Mojaveri, Miss Teenage Ottawa 2021

Written by: Melika