Preliminaries, interviews, rehearsals… today was a long day.

It was another early day. My roommate and I woke up around 7:00 am and got ready for breakfast. After breakfast, the delegates split into about two groups, and got ready for hair, because we had our interviews this morning!

During provincials, I was fairly nervous for the interview portion of the pageant. This time around, I felt confident. I knew what to expect, now that I had gone through the provincial interviews. In addition to that, before nationals, I made sure to practice my breathing to calm my nerves. I made sure to take some deep, calming breaths before heading into the interview room to set my mind in the right place.

The judges were very kind, and asked some wonderful questions! We delegates are so lucky to have had the opportunity to talk about our stories, our platforms. Following interviews was lunch, and then rehearsals with Shawn. Shawn is amazing: he has such an upbeat personality, is genuine and wishes for all of us to succeed. Above all that; he’s an amazing coach!

We rehearsed in our heels for about 2 hours: we practiced runway, poses, poise, grace, posture, basic walking, stances, and so much more!! Tomorrow will be a full day of rehearsals and choreography, and I am very excited to spend more time with Shawn and learn from him.

Following our rehearsal session with Shawn, prelims started. I was so excited to showcase what I had been working for. I made sure to stay confident in myself in order to perform my best. All of my sisters looked stunning in their evening gowns.

Although I am so pleased with how today went, and I am excited for what tomorrow holds, I am already starting to miss this week, it flew by in an instant, and I can’t believe it will all be over in just a mere two days…

Written by: Emma