Day 4 is complete!! Today, we had our interviews and preliminary competition! I have three words for this day, OH MY GOD <3  

Basically, the day started off in a blur, since I essentially puked in the morning, but Hannah was so lenient and my roommate, Iesha, was so sweet to assure me I was okay. So, MY BIGGEST THANKS TO THEM MWAH. We had breakfast, had our hair and makeup done, and went straight to interviews. Instead of feeling nervous, I was feeling happy 🙂 Full of enjoyment and nerves hahaha. Personally, I felt pretty good about the interview and think I really let my personality shine, so I was feeling conflicted in a pool of emotions.    

After interviews, we got ready for the fitness wear and gown competition for the preliminary show! I tripped in my gown so many times, but it’s okay. We all make mistakes because that’s what makes us humans. However, I personally feel like I rushed fitness wear, but I had super fun with it!     

(making Tiktoks in our Fitness wear)

Thank you to @moderncollage and @paulasbeautybar for the hair and makeup. I really felt like a princess at the end of it all. Thank you to my BEAUTIFUL hairstylists for photoshoots, interviews, and prelims, @olivethehairstylist and @oni_onyx. You both welcomed me and did my hair with such warm hearts and I am eternally grateful!! 

I can’t believe the pageant is almost over. I love all these girls so much and I will really miss them once pageant week is over.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Have a wonderful day, week, month, year and beyond! Stay tuned for tomorrow. With all my love,

Khushi Vyas, Miss Teenage Peel 2021

Written by: Khushi