Day 3 of the Miss Teenage Canada pageant is here! This week is flying by so incredibly fast… tomorrow is already preliminaries night!!

Today was our activity day!

We started off the day as we usually would, with breakfast. Following breakfast, we immediately started walking uphill to the treetop trekking area. Upon arrival, we had a quick orientation with our guide, Cole, to teach us how to use our harnesses and zipline hooks. We tested out the easiest course with our guide, and once he was sure that we knew how to properly use our equipment, the fun started and we were sent off to trek on our own.

I had never gone treetop trekking before, but I can confidently say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself! The view from the top of the trees made was worth the hard work to climb up to the top – I’m definitely going to be sore tomorrow.

After about two fun hours spent treetop trekking, all of us pageant girls were sweaty, gross and tired. But no time to shower – there’s more activities planned for us to get through! But before we continue; lunch.

 For lunch, we had butternut squash soup, sandwiches and salad. I have to say, the food at our host resort is absolutely incredible. Following lunch, we headed to the beach to go swimming and tubing.

Another new activity I tried today was tubing, and it was so much fun! It was nice and cooling to jump into the water after a long morning of sweaty and physically strenuous activities. After spending a few hours at the beach, we headed on back to the hotel for supper. We had one more activity planned following supper, and it remained a secret until we arrived.

Our wonderful chaperones – Marc and Hanna – had planned out a campfire for us ladies, as well as an evening with the current Miss Teenage Canada 2020, Joanne Shao. Us ladies got to ask Joanne some questions about her and her pageant experiences at/as Miss Teenage Canada. We learned about her future ambitions and goals as well! It was really nice to spend a night getting close with the young lady who is a representative and role model for Canadian teens.

My favorite part of our long activity day, however, would have to be our activity after the campfire – stargazing. It was my recommendation to go stargazing; not all the ladies wanted to come along, so some of the delegates went to bed, while the rest of us went off to watch the stars.

The night sky was beautifully clear, and you could practically see every star in the sky. Stargazing is an activity I always want to do, but it is difficult to stargaze in a big city like Toronto where the atmosphere usually consists of  pollution and strong city lights, which cloud the night sky.

I am getting so close with my pageant sisters, and I am so happy that we had such an entertaining day together. Tomorrow, the preliminary pageant begins – I am excited to see what the day ahead holds in store.

Written by: Emma