Day 2 had a very early start to it, and it was expected to be a very long day, but it was worth it – our second day may have been a busy one, but it was our official Miss Teenage Canada photo shoot and video shoot day!

(read until the end to see the final results of my shoot!)

My roommate and I decided to wake up at 6:30 am. We both needed to shower and get ready for the day by 7:30 am, bright and early for breakfast.

For breakfast, we had a variety of foods to choose from, including pancakes, scrambled eggs, fruits, juices and coffee! I was very pleased to see that coffee was being served – I usually start my day off with coffee, and before pageant week arrived, not having coffee to wake me up was one of my biggest concerns…

Following breakfast, professional hair and makeup services began!

Unfortunately, one lady from our team of makeup artists had been exposed to COVID-19, meaning that every one of our makeup artists had to be sent to isolation. In the end, Miss Teenage Canada’s head makeup artist arrived alone, and alongside her, Michelle – our pageant director – also helped out with our makeup services.

Luckily, the wonderful ladies doing our hair from Modern College were not exposed to COVID-19, and about eight of them came in to do our hair for us. I cannot thank Michelle, Paola and Krissy and the entire Modern College team enough for doing my hair and makeup, and for helping me look and feel confident and proud in front of the cameras today!

Once our makeup and hair were complete, we went on to shooting! I filmed my video shoot first. We were expected to prepare a small speech about our platforms – as some of you may remember from my first blog, mine is self-love. We had about 3 attempts to get our speech perfected and recorded on camera. The videographer was incredibly kind-hearted, funny and most of all; welcoming and encouraging to each of us.

Next on the list was my photo shoot! The photographer and her assistant were so sweet and funny – I really appreciate how everyone within the Miss Teenage Canada pageant community is so welcoming and encouraging – I feel very comfortable in the pageant environment so far.

The photo shoot we had was very upbeat – the photographer’s assistant helped me out with poses, and gave me some really creative and spontaneous stances to try out and play with!

We ended our long and busy day off with a wonderful dinner. Although I am extremely tired, I can not wait for Day 3 of Miss Teenage Canada, which is our activity day; we are supposed to be going treetop trekking, ziplining and swimming!

I am more than excited to see what tomorrow holds.

Written by: Emma