So far, I have had a wonderful time meeting all of the beautiful girls here at the resort. We all get along so well and it feels as though we’ve known each other for eternity!

Once I arrived at the hotel, I said my goodbyes to my family and met my roommate, Beatrice who is Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2021. She is a lovely young woman who has already taught me so much about pageants, modelling and high school. It’s so nice to have an older pageant sister to look up to!


After getting settled into our room, we got ready and attended the PJ party and dinner. This was where I got to meet so many of the girls while gaining strong friendships and connections. The rest of the evening was extremely chill and enjoyable but we had to head to bed fairly early given the big day and week we had/have coming up.

With a slight bit of dragging each other out of bed, Beatrice and I had breakfast with all of the girls and chaperones before getting ready for the photo and video shoots. This was something I had never experienced before so it was very fun and interesting for me to get professionally photographed!

The day had a lot of waiting involved but for me it was just am extra chance to socialize with all of my new pageant sisters and practice what I was going to say in my video!

All in all, an amazing start to this amazing week:)

So much love,

Melika, Miss Teenage Ottawa

Written by: Melika