Hi everybody! My name is Monalisa I am 16 years old. In June I competed in the “Miss Teenage Ontario” pageant and I am proud to announce I am your “Miss Teenage London 2021.” In August I will be representing my hometown, London at the “Miss Teenage Canada” pageant! Already starting with charity work, I am so excited to see what I can accomplish this year and how I can get more involved with raising awareness for my platform which is young teens suffering from drug abuse and just overall mental health.

As I track my journey as a title holder this year i want to share ways and educate teenagers on how to cope with stress, anxiety, mental health, depression, etc. Letting teens know they are not alone and they have someone to reach out to for help without harming themselves so our new generation can have a better future to make Canada a happier and healthier place for all! This is a little bit about myself!

My collective goal would be to help the younger generation achieve a good education and gain more knowledge, because with the liberty of knowledge and education, there are more achievements and freedom in life. This will make Canada a better place for all individuals and families, and have a better future. Which is my main goal and the impact I want to make.

I am very excited about being a part of Miss Teenage Canada and meeting all the beautiful delegates. I love a good challenge and something competitive as I wants to learn new things every day.

As something to put my mind to and express myself, I have a passion for painting I feel that one painting can be seen in many different ways by different perspectives. Throughout years I have gained a love for singing and dancing by performing in many musicals at a young age. Along with doing choreographed dances at weddings with my cousin and singing at church masses. Fashion, makeup, nails, hair you name it I love! The beauty pageant “Miss Teenage Ontario” gave me a opportunity to do invest my time in those things and I really enjoyed it!

My best character is that I am a caring and loving person overall and want to help those in need by lending a hand to friends, family, and others. Doing many hours of community service and volunteering, like food banks, church masses, after school programs, charities, and much more, I wants to continue to give back and make a change while making everyone feel welcome.

I never thought I would get a chance in pageants because I am usually too short for things like this…but once I saw there were no height requirements I was so excited to do this pageant and see what I can do with this new journey in my life! Thank you so much and be safe!

  • Monalisa, Miss Teenage London 2021
Written by: Monalisa