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As a child, my parents and many other spiritual-valued adults taught me that our world works in cycles. The process of giving in good faith allows us to receive help in good faith as well. It is the reason why forming and supporting communities helps us maintain a balanced harmony.

I found my passion through Kinesiology, which gained me the opportunity to volunteer at a physio clinic during their free community services to the seniors in the GTA. I tag along not only to assist and learn from the health practitioners but also to interact and help people feel more comfortable. I fell in love with the atmosphere, which is the reason why my platform focuses on senior care and vitality.

As people grow older, they tend to think less on ambition and focus more on ways to improve and maintain their health. Time becomes essential when wanting to use it to form precious memories with loved ones. I have the opportunity to assist seniors when improving their social well-being and physical activity; it fills my heart with honour to have impacted their lives towards a healthier and positive lifestyle that they deserve.

On another note, I engage in dance when maintaining an adequate level of physical activity. Understandably, many people take sides when seeing dance as art or sport, but in both forms, it allows us to express our emotions through physical movement.

I find dance to be an output of stress through difficult times. Whether it be dancing to a good song in my room or performing on stage, I find the pure enjoyment of feeling the music and let any external worries wash away.

However, there are times were many people, including myself, have frustrating moments when we do not meet the goals we place on ourselves. When we mess up or forget a step, it completely ruins our mood, which can be reflected throughout the rest of the routine. We begin to doubt our ability and fear of failing again. From there, people learned to play it safe because society has taught that failure is wrong and embarrassing, so we seek to protect themselves against things that might make us fail.

I had the opportunity to share encouraging words with some beautiful and aspiring dancers in Studio K (a place where I took my classes as well).

Fear is a waste of human potential; we limit ourselves to our comfort zone because we are taught to believe that failure is delay and defeat. However, when a person has the determination, discipline, and perseverance, they are not overtaken by that fear. They understand the importance of failure because it is a form of growth — another stepping stone to success!

After finishing their dance class, I celebrated the girls’ hard work by giving out iced pineapple juice and ice cream sandwiches to cool off and refresh on that hot day. Of course, some ladies felt a bit disappointed in their performance, not satisfied with their unmet results to the level they hope to achieve. However, they were mature to understand how to fix their mistakes for the next class!

Even if we can’t meet our goals today, we become one step closer than we previously were, and that is always something to celebrate.

Thank you, Studio K, for your generous donation and continuous support to my fundraiser!

Once again, thank you for reading my post. I hope everyone is well and safe, especially during difficult times.

~ Karla

Written by: Karla