To my pageant sisters,

You guys probably won’t read this because personally I don’t read other people’s blogs too much, but this is a letter of me just speaking from my heart. I love each, and every single one of you. You each have something truly unique about you, and you each have such warm and welcoming hearts. Walking into this pageant, I truly expected girls who were catty or plain rude, but seeing even one of you in the mornings just makes me smile. It is true that I got to get to know some girls better than others, but I have talked to each and every one of you to know that I truly loved this experience. Other people won’t know pageants until they’ve been in one, and I am beyond lucky to meet 28 girls who have made me laugh in ways that are just insane, or have supported me from day one. Back home, I didn’t have that many friends, or I was always the second person someone would turn to. But in here, having so so many sisters, it felt like home. Thank you to Marc, Sam, and Emma for being great chaperones/pageant mamas/and great role models. This week would not be half as fun, if it weren’t for you guys. To my girls, you will forever and ever be my girls, no matter what. I am always here for you and I truly wish the best of luck to everyone, because it really didn’t feel like a competition, and it still doesn’t. No matter who wins tomorrow, I will cry my eyes out and will lose my voice from screaming, because each and everyone one of you have a place in my heart. Just know, that I am proud of all of you, and I love you guys so so SO much.

XOXO, Joanne

Written by: Joanne