The future is simply a word describing tomorrow’s present. Yesterday’s future is today’s present which is determined by you.  As Antoine de Saint-Exupery states, “It is not for us to forecast the future, but to shape it.” It reflects the idea that one is unable to predict the uncertainty that the future entails, as we are living in the present. However, we are still able to “shape it” through the actions and choices that we make.

 As you lead a life, you are the main character of your journey and everyone else is in a position that’s significance varies in your story. By understanding this, we learn that we are incapable of controlling the other roles apart from our own. Thus unable to control the future, as other people constantly influence the circumstances we experience. However, through all the positive or negative choices we make, we are impacting the subsequent situations. For example, if you positively confront someone, there is a higher probability that they will reciprocate the polite gesture, directly influencing your perspective of the encounter. On the other hand, if you had initially approached someone with a negative attitude, they would have also requited the negative feelings, impacting your view on the encounter. In both situations you had the capacity to determine how you would approach someone, which consequently resulted in different reactions, hereby emphasizing the impact your actions possess. Although we are unable to predict our future, we have the potential to improve our decisions, thus attracting more positive experiences in our lives, obtaining a joyful future that we shaped. 

As people, we have a tendency to obsess about past experiences and future possibilities to such an extent, that we completely neglect the present that we are squandering away. The present that was once the future you were excited about appreciating as you created more memories on your journey. This is exactly why we shouldn’t worry too much about the future and ruin all the amazing opportunities that we have now. Whether it’s to spend time with your family, go on exciting adventures with friends, or give back to the people who helped you grow, live your life the way that will make you happy. Squeeze every last drop of joy that life has to offer, and cherish all the moments that you will grow old and reminisce. 

I know in my future, I will cherish all the memories that I have made here at Miss Teenage Canada 2020! Through my experience, I met so many new girls and got the opportunity to learn about every single one of them. I noticed that everyone had unique perspectives and radiant personalities that made them special and interesting to talk to! Through this amazing experience we were all also able to embrace the present and make memories together that we will cherish forever.  During activity day when we were on the lake going tubing, taking pictures, dressing up to eat together, and treetop trekking we all stepped out of our comfort zones and enjoyed each other’s company, to create beautiful memories! I have learned that everyone’s decisions here have collectively created moments that we will reminisce about when we are older.  In the end, no matter the future, we all have learned the value of being in the present through our experiences here at MTC 2o2o. I know that every girl here is a winner and will continue to do amazing things in the future! After this pageant, I will continue to work on my platform to make a difference in my present and lead to a better future for everyone!


Written by: Ria