I am so grateful that every day I wake up in a warm bed under a roof, with food and clean water in the fridge, a closet full of clothes and a loving family. But so many people wake up without many of these things, imagine feeling lost and not having a place to go. Begging people for change to eat a cheap meal, or waiting around the city so that hopefully people notice you and help you out. Homelessness is everywhere, it’s a problem that is continually growing specifically in my community, Brampton. 

I am Miss Teenage Brampton 2020 and my older sister is Miss Golden Horseshoe World 2020, we both put together a food drive to help the homeless people in our community. On many social media platforms, we informed our friends and families about our food drive. We collected non-perishable food items for the Knights Table organization in peel. The Knights Table’s mission is to help alleviate hunger in the peel region, by providing food banks, hot meals three times a day and many other services to the people of Brampton who are dealing with the daily issues of hunger, poverty and homelessness. 


We drove from house to house and picked up all the non-perishable food items, then headed to the Knights Table and delivered a whole trunk full of food. Donating these items made me feel so happy because I know that they are going to help people in need. 

Always remember,

If you stay positive in a negative situation. 

You win!


Written by: Monika