Good day everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Let’s start with an introduction!

My name is Karla Rengifo, and I’m Miss Teenage Halton Region. It is an excellent opportunity to participate in the Miss Teenage Canada with all of these lovely ladies. So far, I have been enjoying my time during the fundraisers as it is a way to spend time with my community and express the support and kindness of giving; that we, Canadians, represent.

For five years, I was grateful to join the Royal Canadian Cadets as it formed my values and morals when placed in leadership positions, survival skills, managing tasks with quick problem solving and proper communication.

When people encouraged me to participate in a pageant, I would’ve never seen myself in such a position. However, it is essential to realize that opportunities will always present themselves, but it is our choice whether to take it. Yet, we sometimes fear the unknown and the results of our options, but no matter what, it allows us to show another side of our ability and personality. Therefore, every choice we make is an experience to learn, grow, and adapt.

Forming values and morals from a Latin family, I am very close to my native roots. As I visit Peru, I value the time I spend with my second family, the culture, and cuisine.

Ñusta Princesa Inka In some countries like Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina, there is a tradition of the Fiesta de la Pachamama (Mother Earth) that continues to be honoured. In it, the oldest woman in the town is chosen, who embodies Mother Earth, and a virgin adolescent or ñusta, who symbolizes the land that has not yet been fertilized.

Finally, I soon begin my second-year journey of post-secondary. Kinesiology at the University of Toronto has opened my mind and options to achieve my goals through my studies. I feel at home as the environment os welcoming to hard-working students; I have the pleasure to make life-long friends during my career studies.

Exploring the University of Toronto Campus

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope everyone is well and safe, especially during difficult times.

All the best to everyone!


Written by: Karla