On Monday, I got the pleasure of meeting all of the outstanding delegates of Miss Teenage Canada! I got to meet my roommate, Krissy, and I never felt more thankful to be paired up with a funny and understanding person. Not only is it beautiful and funny, but I also begin to get to know Krissy (Kristiana) and her outstanding personality, which increases my confidence and comfort instantly. At the Horseshoe Resort, we gather in the evening for dinner to which everyone was dressed in their PJ for a Pizza and Cake party!

A group photo with all of the lovely delegates!

A picture with my table group: Krissy, Joanne, and Ria!


Thank you to all the sponsors for these memorable gifts, especially to Michelle, Marc, Sam and everyone that takes the time to organize this pageant for all on the girls to feel comfortable and support!! So far, I am having a blast and am excited to continue my week!


Written by: Karla