The first couple of days of the MTC experience were beyond exciting! It started off at 8 am where we all woke up and went down to grab our to-go breakfasts. From there, we went up to our rooms to dress in our fabulous cocktail dresses!

Everyone looked so amazing and beautiful in their gowns! Afterwards, all of us got picked up from our rooms to go down and get our hair and makeup done! Getting my hair and makeup done for the very first time was super exciting  and I cherished every second of it! Next, we went to our photoshoots where we posed and took amazing headshots and videos!

We also got the opportunity to do a casual shoot with our makeup and had an amazing time in the beautiful sunny weather! We got lots of photos, selfies and more!

Over the next couple of days, we did so many activities! We all went to the lake at the resort and took so many photos! At the beach, we went paddleboarding and tubing which was super fun! We even had the amazing opportunity to go treetop trekking and challenge our physical limits completing all the fantastic obstacles! At the end of the activity day, we all got to eat beaver tails and

Finally, we had such a fun, fancy dinner with everyone! Everyone dressed up for the evening and we had the opportunity to finally meet Emma Jeapes, Miss. Teenage Canada 2019! We got to ask her so many interesting questions and have fun! She told us all about her amazing experiences and shared many stories!

This experience was super exciting and I got to meet so many amazing girls through the activities and meals! Overall, the last couple of days were amazing and filled with so much fun and excitement and I can’t wait for the last couple!


Written by: Ria