It is day 4 at MTC and I’m so excited to do my interview and swimwear walk! We had our choreographer Sean come in and teach us some choreography and basic technique for walking, posing and turns. It was at first a little challenging but then I caught on super fast. After rehearsals I got my makeup and hair done, it looked amazing! Special thank you to my sister Melina.

Then we got dressed in our interview outfit…

I think I did pretty good during my interview, the judges were super nice and made me feel so welcomed.

Then we got ready for our show at 9:00 pm! We had our introduction/ platform and then our swimsuit walk which I was so excited to do.



After the show, I felt super tired so I got ready for bed because we have rehearsals all day tomorrow for the Saturday night show.

Goodnight everyone!


Monika Mancini


Written by: Monika