Today was really interesting and fun, we had so many activities. We started off the day by going treetop trekking at the resort we are staying at. It was amazing, we were doing obstacles on trees and the views were so beautiful. I did this amazing zipline course with my pageant sisters, it was very fun. Until the part, I got stuck in the middle of the zipline, I had to pull myself back up with my hands it hurt so bad. But after that, I continued the course! Then we headed to the beach and I went on the hotdog tube in the water with my friends. We were trying not to fall off because we didn’t want our hair to get wet. But we ended up tilting the hotdog and we all flew off.


After that, we did some golfing, and took some cute pictures! We also got to eat some yummy beaver tails.

Lastly, we dressed up and went to a fancy dinner! The pasta was delicious, and we met Miss Teenage Canada 2019, Emma Jeapes! She is so gorgeous and nice, I look up to her so much. She told us about her journey as Miss Teenage Canada and gave us some amazing tips. She said to always be yourself and have fun, which I think is very true. It is important to always be yourself and accept your differences so that you can truly love yourself.

  • Monika Mancini
Written by: Monika