Day 3 was super super fun! We woke up bright and early and got ready for our activity day. We just went to tree top trekking near our resort, and it was a little bit scary, but I really enjoyed it. Then we were off the mini golfing and lake tubing, and Marc and Sam went with us and it was super exciting and funny to watch everyone flip off the tubes! The dinner was a very fancy pasta dinner, and all the girls dressed up and everyone was so so beautiful!

Yesterday was prelims and it went pretty well in my opinion! We first had rehearsals where Shawn Cuffie taught us how to walk and the basic stances. Then of course, our sponsor, Modern College, came and did my hair and makeup super pretty for prelims during the evening. Then it was showtime!

Firstly, we had to go prepare a 30 second mini speech about our platform, and mine was talking about how social media affects young girls negatively. I talked about how I believed there was a toxic culture on social media which encourages social media. I also mentioned that I would not edit or alter any of my photos on social media so that we could create a new standard where people do not need to feel the need to change themselves. We then did our bathing suit walk and then talent. I personally did not do talent but I loved every single one of the talents that went on. That concluded our preliminary! I can’t wrap my head around the fact that tomorrow someone gets crowned!


Written by: Joanne