Featuring amazing shot taken by Fernando Balbontin

Featuring amazing shot taken by Fernando Balbontin

Today was a busy day full of photoshoots and video shoots! We started off the day by eating a delicious breakfast, then my sister did my makeup and hair. Special thank you to her for doing such an amazing job and to the MTC official hair and makeup services for making my fellow pageant sisters look gorgeous. After everyone was ready and in their bright-colored cocktail dress, the photoshoots and video shoot begun. The photographers were so nice and made me feel so welcomed, I felt so confident.


Then I got changed into my fashion outfit for the outside photoshoots, I really think my photos turned out amazing!

Lastly, we changed into our MTC shirts and hat, we took some amazing videos and I even got to drive a golf cart! It was so much fun, but a little stressful because I didn’t want to crash it haha! We also took some great group photos with a drone flying above us.

We finished off the day with a yummy dinner, chicken wrap and fries!

Tomorrow we are going Tree Top Trekking, so stay tuned!

Written by: Monika