The situation in the USA, as many of you may know, is quickly escalating. The protests and the riots all started because a white cop by the name of Derek Chauvin put his knee to a black man, George Floyd, and in resulting killing him. Mr. Floyd was assumed for forging a check, and he died because of that, He was telling the cop: “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” This is not okay. Derek Chauvin currently is only charged with third degree murder. He probably would not have been charged, if no one did anything and protests did not happen.

Protests have arisen, and mainly they are peaceful protests for the victims of racism. In response to this, police have started arresting peaceful protesters, shooting rubber bullets, and macing and tear gassing protesters. ,Now, hastags like #ACAB (all cops are bad) and #BlackOutDay2020 ( where citizens are not buying anything on July 7, so that the economy goes down, and big companies are going to support the movement.)

But many people are getting confused on the situation, or have different views, so in this quick article, I will be trying to clear that up and share my opinion.

Firstly the #ACAB is talking about the system, and not necessarily the cops. We can not define a group of people, that is supposed to be helping citizens as bad. There will always be good and bad. It is like how the #BlackLivesMatter does not mean that other lives don’t. But with this hashtag, we are talking about the system, and how it is overly corrupt.

Next, white privilege is a thing. I may not be white, but I’ve seen far too many videos that prove that it exists. There was one video, where a white woman was scared that she was going to get shot when she got pulled over, but the cops said: “But you’re not black. Remember we only kill black people.” Kaitlin Bennett, a far-right media person and a gun activist, wore an AK-10 on her back to graduation and nothing happened, while blacks are killed for the small things that have no evidence against them. 

Canada may seem like it is a better place than America, but we too have our down falls. Regis Paque was a 29 year old black woman from Toronto. Her mother said she called the police and hoped her daughter would receive help for her mental health. Instead, she got pushed from her 24th balcony floor. Countless of Indigenous and black people have been victims of police brutality. Criticizing the US will not get us anywhere, open your eyes and see that Canada is not perfect.

Finally, you have a voice. Use it. You have a platform. Use it. We would not have any change with protests itself. If you can’t protest, sign petitions. Donate too if possible. But you sitting at home watching all these stories, articles, posts pop up and do nothing about it? That is embarrassing. Your silence, is embarrassing. Read articles, if you don’t like to read, watch videos or listen to podcasts. Educate yourself, before you have those difficult conversations. That is the only way we can spread the word. I will never understand the oppression black people will face, which is why this is so important. We have seen these types of protest in the past, with one of the big ones being Martin Luther King Jr. And with that, we have seen results. This is the time, our generation steps up and takes the reins. Remember, if you are neutral in situations of injustice. you have chosen the side of the oppressor.



Written by: Joanne