Today was a very busy but fun day full of rehearsals that are preparing my pageant sisters and I for our show tomorrow. I want to especially thank everyone who put this amazing show together and made this pageant happen even during the pandemic. I’m so grateful for my family who were my number one supporters and continue to be every single day. Miss Teenage Canada was an amazing experience, it has definitely helped me become a better public speaker and has given me the opportunity to make so many new friendships  that I know will last forever. The girls that I have met during this experience are so amazing, it was very hard today after rehearsals ended when everyone was saying goodbye. I wish them the best of luck tomorrow, no matter who wins tomorrow we are all winners! We have all grown so much in only one week which really shows how amazing pageants are. I’m so proud of how far we have all come, and I cannot believe that all together we raised over 30,000 dollars for Make A Wish Foundation and granted 3 children’s wishes! Overall we have gained confidence and friendships, we are all dedicated, hard working, and beautiful girls who have the ability to make a difference in the world and I know we will. Thank you all for being apart of my journey, I can’t wait for the show tomorrow. Love you all ! Continue reading

Written by: Monika