Yesterday, all the girls got to go to Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan! I always love going there in the summer, but enjoyed it a million times more with all the beautiful angels of Miss Teenage Canada. Although many people aren’t a big fan of rides, I am a huge thrill-seeker, which was why I naturally love roller coasters.

Miss Teenage Canada’s Contestants

My favourite ride has always been the Behemoth since it is very chill along with being frightening at the same time. In second place on my list is the Leviathan, because I love the height of it before you drop down and soar at an ultra-fast speed through the rest of the coaster. It was super fun to guide all those new to the amusement park and show them my favourite rides

I had such a good time spent and it was a day filled with memories that will stay with me forever 🙂

Shay and Me, after grabbing lunch

Written by: Anoushka