Sudbury is the place I was born and raised, growing up as a kid it was the perfect town for me! It has a small town feel in a city. Whether I want to go skating in the winter, swimming in the summer, go on a nature walk or enjoy a day at one of our tourist attractions – there is always something to do.

Like any great cities there’s always issues and concerns for a portion of the population.

Poverty is something every city has and there is only so much help available to people that are homeless and have fallen on bad times. The government cutbacks are putting disadvantaged people in worse situations.

My platform at Miss Teenage Canada is about Period Poverty. Period poverty is when a girl /woman is in a difficult financial situation- leaving her feeling helpless, stressed and betrayed all because of her period. Feminine hygiene products are very expensive to buy, many woman that are homeless or do not have the funds to buy feminine products – are using things like cardboard, toilet paper, old clothes or nothing at all. Women not only in my city but places all over the world are not helped financially to buy these products for their periods. A woman can go to the local Health Unit and get condoms for a CHOICE but not pads for a NECESSITY – we don’t choose to have periods, but we can choose to be sexual. That is something I find absolutely horrible,

Women every day are struggling to decide whether to put their money towards a meal or towards a box of tampons. Not only are these women lacking in products, but young girls are missing school all because of a menstrual cycle. These girls are growing up embarrassed and with lack of education because they don’t have access to a pad, these are girls of the future!

There’s already a stigma and a shyness regarding periods, and I’m here to help end the stigma and to start reversing society’s views. I’m here to raise awareness about period poverty

I have been meeting with numerous people regarding this issue and will be soon publicly announcing my plans for helping women dealing with Period Poverty.

Written by: Milena