Hello, Bonjour,

My FIRST Day at Miss Teenage Canada will forever be one to remember. I kicked it off with a stop at the grocery store with my parents to buy snacks for the week. And of course, I couldn’t help myself from getting a Starbucks at the same time.

We then proceeded and drove to the Centennial Place Residence to register myself for the greatest event ever.

Upon my arrival, we had to wait in the lobby for a bit and I was so nervous to see who my new roommates would be for the following week. Going up in the elevator, I just couldn’t contain my excitement to see who I might get to spend these magical days with.  As I stepped into my lucky room that is for the week, I was greeted with open arms by Shay-Miss Teenage Parkland, Bonnie- Miss Teenage Vancouver and Anoushka-Miss Teenage Peel and my tense feelings just vanished. I brought out the deck of cards and we bonded together along with of course a couple of pictures taken as we waited for the other pageant girls to arrive to start off our Pizza Party.

It was finally time to get together as a whole group to meet everyone. I was beyond exited to meet all my pageant sisters. And of course to make myself comfortable for the PJ / Pizza party I brought my favorite pink elephant slippers with me. I am still in awe to be able to make instant friendships with girls from across the country is such a great feeling. After our delicious meal that was given, we got lucky and we got to eat some cake. YUMMY!!!

During our evening, we met Michelle the President of the Miss Teenage Canada. All I can say is she is REMARKABLE.  She proceeded and enlightens us about all our days to come.

Day 2 Rise and Shine!

Day 2 was a busy day! I started off my morning  with a delicious breakfast of Yogurt, granola with fruits my absolute favorite. Right after breakfast, I went straight to hair and make-up. I would love to thank Melissa from the Modern Makeup team for my amazing look.  In addition I would like to send a shout out to Ramiro for the incredible hair that I had today.

Next, I went instantly to do my video shoot and photo shoot. All I can say is WOW I had a blast.  Once this was all completed it was finally interview time. I must say I was really eager to meet the incredible judges.

Once my interviews done, it was time for our first rehearsal. I would like to genuinely say thank you to Shawn Cuffie for his knowledge and his patience with me and my fellow pageant sisters.  Hi work is impeccable to help us shine and feel our best on stage. Keeping onto his motto like he always says “Step, Place, Pivot, and Whip!!!” Wow what a workout, time for supper. Time to eat. The pasta provided for us was so DELICIOUS.

Lastly, we are so lucky we were given our official opening dress number and heels. We will look so marvelous on stage my pageant sisters and I. I am so in loving the dress and heels. Thank you Miss Teenage Canada 2019.

OH I almost forgot to mention today we are going to Canada’s Wonderland! YES this is the best surprise ever I cannot wait to go on the rides. Stay tune for more update to come.

À la prochaine fois, Until next time,

“It’s more fun when you’re not the only one having it.”the Oaqui

Much love from Chloe !!!

Written by: Chloe