Hello, my name is Milena and I am very proud to be representing Greater Sudbury at Miss Teenage Canada.

Anyone that knows me; knows that I am energetic, fun-loving person and that I have a big heart! Being active in my community is something that’s really important to me; I like to spend my time volunteering for various charities that help out people in the community. 

Recently I started my own hair scrunchie business where I make/sell scrunchies for charity!

This year has been a landmark year for me, in that I started my very first job – at a Sudbury tourism hotspot – Dynamic Earth which is known worldwide for the Big Nickel.

One of my favourite school pass times is to participate in our yearly school play. It is so exciting to see months of hard work and rehearsals every weekend come together for performance week.

My play sisters and I acting as “Silly Girls” in our 2019 Jr. Production of Beauty and the Beast!

Modelling has also become my new favourite hobby. Photoshoots are so fun to me because I get to be myself and show the many layers of my personality.

Can’t forget about those closest to you! Spending time with family and friends is very important to me because I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of their support.

I am new to the pageant world. It all started when I entered a youth contest in 2018 at my local Italian club – Caruso Club, in Sudbury Ontario. This contest was about representing my Italian culture in the community; I won the title of Miss Caruso. Winning this contest was a huge door opener to many more opportunities for me. This contest helped me realize how amazing pageantry is! It’s a confidence booster, helps practice public speaking and a great way to be involved locally.

A few months later I entered the Miss Greater Sudbury Youth Ambassador pageant with the theme “beauty with a purpose”, all about who you are and not based on your appearance. It was an amazing weekend spent with now some of my closest friends. I am honoured and proud to say I won the title of Miss Teen Greater Sudbury! Having won this title, being crowned and seeing even more of the pageant world has made me want to continue and fulfill my personal drive towards pageants.

Miss Teen Greater Sudbury Youth Ambassador 2019!

The reason I LOVE pageants so much is something I like to call

“Power of the Crown”.

After being crowned I would walk around events and volunteer wearing it to represent the community and get others involved. The best feeling in the world -is seeing little boys and girls faces light up and run up to me just to meet a real princess! When I graduate high school it is my dream to become a Disney Princess at one of the parks. The power of the crown, every time I wear it -it’s like I’m already in Magic Kingdom making others happy! The smile on these kid’s faces after they put on the crown is something that I will cherish forever. I have had many adults try on the crown and it is wonderful to see them believe in the magic and for a brief moment feel a princess.

I can honestly say that I am “hooked” on pageantry. After winning Miss Teen Greater Sudbury, I entered Miss Northern Ontario, where I made it to top 8 finalists for Sponsorship and top 8 for Entrepreneur and qualified for Miss Teenage Canada. I am beyond excited to be part of this pageant. I am learning so much about pageantry, my community and myself. I have gained confidence in myself, in public speaking and in standing up for what I believe in. I will do my best to represent Greater Sudbury on the national stage and will soak in every minute of this experience.

The greatest risk any of us will take, is to be seen as we are.


Written by: Milena