Hello everyone!

Today was our fun day and our surprise location was Canada’s Wonderland! I had an awesome day in this amusement park with some of my best friends going on all the cool rides!

Entrance to the park with my girls!

I will admit I was a little nervous at first to go on some rides but im all about taking risks! I’m so thankful for my group members who encouraged me to go on some of these rides I would never do! They ended up being my favourite ones! Goes to show you that you should always just go for it, life’s too short!

My favourite ride was the Yukon Striker, it drops you 90° underground! This one of my favourite because of the feeling of adrenaline you get as you dangle over anticipating the drop.


The feeling when you drop is something I feel a lot when I do pageants – in a good way! The feeling where your just so excited and happy you can’t wait for what’s next to come!

We also rode the Leviathan, Canada’s largest rollarcoaster. Afterwords I obviously had to buy a keychain with my picture for proof I went on it!

Along the way I met this really cool coworker Avi! He was super kind to us and even helped us with the best spots around the park, where to go and what to eat!

Chloe, Avi and I

We spent the rest of the day cooling off on water rides, enjoying some dippin dots and taking memeroable pictures!

I’m so thankful this is where we got to spend our fun day, it was amazing to just relax and put our minds to other things!

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Thank you all for following along my journey,

See you in the next post!

Written by: Milena