The pandemic has taken a significant toll on people all across the world, it has affected countries and has impacted the lives and well-being of our society. While most people were quarantined inside their homes to keep themselves and others safe and healthy, many other people were forced to work to support their families. Front line workers risked their personal health to ensure the public’s safety and provide us with the essentials needed to survive.

Now that countries are beginning to reach phase 3, many local businesses have started opening up while following safety regulations. My sister and I, Miss Golden Horseshoe World 2020 and MIss Teenage Brampton 2020 went around our city and even outside of it to promote some local businesses. We supported businesses we love and made a blog to hopefully inspire others to visit them. 

Link for my blog:

Felix and Ginger

Location: 1469 Queen St W Caledon ON L7K0E4 Canada

Felix and Ginger is a modern beauty boutique devoted to offering the highest quality hair services, creative direction and results proven products. They truly are amazing and have always done such a great job when doing my family and my hair. They have such a great group of workers full of talent. The owners are very kind people,  I would definitely recommend getting your hair done at Felix and Ginger!

Brampton Gymnastics Club

Location: 170 Bovaird Dr W, Brampton, ON L7A 1A1

Brampton Gymnastics has been in operation in Brampton for more than 25 years! They offer amazing recreational programs for kids ages 2-19 years. The owner Kathy Roberts is a certified coach and former provincial gymnast. She has a passion for gymnastics and loves teaching children great skills. I have also been coaching classes at Brampton Gymnastics for about 3 years now, I love working with children and teaching them. If you would like to learn more about the details for yourself or maybe for your children take a look at the website and come try out a wonderful program. 

Tin Roof Cafe

Location:4 Main St, Erin, ON N0B 1T0

The Tin Roof Cafe is a family run business located in the small town of Erin. They bake tasty treats and brew amazing coffee for the community they love. At Tin Roof, you can find locally roasted coffee as well as a wide variety of cookies, squares and many other delicious baked goods. They put their hearts into baking and use high-quality ingredients only! They also have gluten-friendly alternatives. Make sure to stop by the Tin Roof Cafe for amazing baked goods and coffee. 

ReStyle Beauty Boutique 

Location: 59 Main Street North

The ReStyle Beauty Boutique is located in the heart of downtown Brampton. This beauty boutique is owned by a loving family and operated, they offer contemporary consignment fashion, trending beauty services treatments, unique locally made gifts and wellness workshops. The great thing about this boutique is that they only use NATURAL ingredients in their products! So make sure to book an appointment with this amazing boutique.

La Favorita 

Location: 18 Queen St W Brampton ON L6X 1A1Canada

La Favorita is a Latin Market, with a wide variety of products from Central and South America. They serve coffee, espresso and cappuccino with an amazing Latin flavor. They have the best empanadas and serve delicious sweets, ice creams, pupusas and plenty more. They also sell imported products from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, the United States and Canada. The great thing about this store is that every week they have something new to offer! 

Rays Bistro 

Location: 1475 Queen St W, Alton, ON L7K 0E4

Ray’s Bistro Bakery is family owned and operated, this bakery has been running since the 1930s. It is a casual restaurant as well as a bakery located in the beautiful Historic Town of Alton. They have yummy classic family recipes made by hand, traditional favorites like the chocolate chip cookies and butter tarts. I personally love the homemade chicken parmesan, it is a must-try!

Dress people

Location: 27 Main St N, Brampton, ON L6X 1M8

Dress People carry one of the biggest selections of dresses from a wide variety of designers. They are taking many steps to help protect the health and safety of their customers during this pandemic. Dress People has been voted #1 dress shop in Brampton 3 years in a row! The associates provide awesome service and help you pick the perfect dress that suits you. If you ever need a dress make sure to check out Dress People in downtown Brampton.

Downey’s Farm Market

Location: 13682 Heart Lake Rd, Inglewood, ON L7C 2J5

Downey’s Farm Market has been owned and operated by the Downey family since 1920. They are fully committed to growing fresh fruits and vegetables by using sustainable farming practices and educating others about agriculture. They work very hard to ensure their products are the best, safe and enjoyable for all customers. My favorite thing from Downey’s Farm Market is definitely their pumpkin spice donuts, they are so delicious and fresh!

Frontline Workers 

Lastly, my sister and I wanted to thank the front line workers…

Thank you for sacrificing your time, energy, safety and health to ensure the public’s safety and provide us with the necessities needed to survive. Thank you for going above and beyond the expectations, your commitment is very much appreciated. Our community is better because you are a part of it!


Written by: Monika