With this title, I am given a platform that I want to use to create a positive change, not only in my community but across the nation. Although I am rather new to the pageant world, I made my pageant debut in 2019 where I placed 1st runner up in the Divali Nagar pageant in Trinidad & Tobago, where I also won titles of best saree, best hair, and best talent. I have also been professionally trained in dance for the past 9 years. I applied for the Miss Teenage Ontario pageant without the expectation of winning and more for the experience and to help build my portfolio, and I am now the first Indo-Caribbean girl to place win the Miss Teenage Ontario title. Going forward, my platform as Miss Teenage Ontario is intersectional feminism. As a woman of color, the concept of intersectionality is very important to me. Intersectionality is not limited to race and ethnicity only, but it also includes gender, sexuality, class, age, ability, and faith, or lack thereof. This, paired with the importance of feminism creates a social movement that applies to women all around the globe. Each of these categories when combined, creates a different life experience for women all around the world, with some being more positive than others. Some of us have privileges that other women do not and that is why intersectional feminism is important so that we can recognize and acknowledge our differences rather than grouping women under the umbrella term of sole feminism. 

Yours Truly, Krissy

Miss Teenage Ontario 2020


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Written by: Kristiana