Today was the activity day where we got to spend it doing a bunch of fun activities.

The day started at 7 am. We got ready for breakfast. Had a good healthy breakfast to prepare us for what was to come next.

We headed off on a hike to reach our next destination. We arrived at the Treetop Trekking. This was a fun obstacle course that was up in the trees. Each time you finished one course, it got harder and harder. This activity took a lot of balance and concentration. Even though our hands are now sore, as well as our bodies, it was a fun way to kick off the fun-filled day.

After the Treetop Trekking activity, we headed in for lunch.

We then headed upstairs to change into our swimsuits and headed off to the mini beach they have which was connected to a mini pond. At the beach, there was paddle boarding, tubing which you were pulled on by a machine and volleyball courts. The tube went a lot faster then we thought. We flipped over 2 times into the water.




After the few hours at the beach, we then headed over to the Bever Tails trailer and picked up a delicious treat. Then we headed upstairs to change for some mini-golf. We had a blast playing mini golf even though I only got one hole in one, I am not the best at mini-golf.


After some mini-golf, we then headed upstairs to get ready for our fancy dinner tonight. We had some delicious pasta mixed with veggies.

The reigning Miss Teenage Canada 2019 Emma Jeapes arrived and we got to chat and ask her some questions. We also got our swimwear and opening number dresses.

Tomorrow is a preliminary day so stay tuned!!


Written by: Tia-Lynne