Good Morning Everyone !!

Yesterday was day one at MTC! I had sooo much fun, we started off the day unpacking and meeting our roommates. My Roommate is Alexandria she’s super nice! We made a lot of TikTok’s and then changed into our pj’s for the PJ party. I met all of my amazing pageant sisters who are all gorgeous! We ate some yummy pizza and delicious cake! Then we received gifts from our pageant sisters and MTC which I was very grateful for. When we got back to our hotel, I asked Alex to have a photoshoot with me, our photos turned out amazing. We took some really creative pictures on our bed and included snacks and even the telephone! And then I took some promoting the gifts we got from our loop bags! One of my favorites was the Juicy Couture lipstick! It made my lips so sparkly and pink, I loved it. After that, I headed straight to bed because we were very tired from the long car ride. Stay tuned for my blog post tonight all about day 2!

Juicy Couture Lipstick ! so sparkly and pink

Written by: Monika