Today was a very busy but fun day full of rehearsals that are preparing my pageant sisters and I for our show tomorrow. I want to especially thank everyone who put this amazing show together and made this pageant happen even during the pandemic. I’m so grateful for my family who were my number one supporters and continue to be every single day. Miss Teenage Canada was an amazing experience, it has definitely helped me become a better public speaker and has given me the opportunity to make so many new friendships  that I know will last forever. The girls that I have met during this experience are so amazing, it was very hard today after rehearsals ended when everyone was saying goodbye. I wish them the best of luck tomorrow, no matter who wins tomorrow we are all winners! We have all grown so much in only one week which really shows how amazing pageants are. I’m so proud of how far we have all come, and I cannot believe that all together we raised over 30,000 dollars for Make A Wish Foundation and granted 3 children’s wishes! Overall we have gained confidence and friendships, we are all dedicated, hard working, and beautiful girls who have the ability to make a difference in the world and I know we will. Thank you all for being apart of my journey, I can’t wait for the show tomorrow. Love you all ! Continue reading

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The future is simply a word describing tomorrow’s present. Yesterday’s future is today’s present which is determined by you.  As Antoine de Saint-Exupery states, “It is not for us to forecast the future, but to shape it.” It reflects the idea that one is unable to predict the uncertainty that the future entails, as we are living in the present. However, we are still able to “shape it” through the actions and choices that we make.

 As you lead a life, you are the main character of your journey and everyone else is in a position that’s significance varies in your story. By understanding this, we learn that we are incapable of controlling the other roles apart from our own. Thus unable to control the future, as other people constantly influence the circumstances we experience. However, through all the positive or negative choices we make, we are impacting the subsequent situations. For example, if you positively confront someone, there is a higher probability that they will reciprocate the polite gesture, directly influencing your perspective of the encounter. On the other hand, if you had initially approached someone with a negative attitude, they would have also requited the negative feelings, impacting your view on the encounter. In both situations you had the capacity to determine how you would approach someone, which consequently resulted in different reactions, hereby emphasizing the impact your actions possess. Although we are unable to predict our future, we have the potential to improve our decisions, thus attracting more positive experiences in our lives, obtaining a joyful future that we shaped. 

As people, we have a tendency to obsess about past experiences and future possibilities to such an extent, that we completely neglect the present that we are squandering away. The present that was once the future you were excited about appreciating as you created more memories on your journey. This is exactly why we shouldn’t worry too much about the future and ruin all the amazing opportunities that we have now. Whether it’s to spend time with your family, go on exciting adventures with friends, or give back to the people who helped you grow, live your life the way that will make you happy. Squeeze every last drop of joy that life has to offer, and cherish all the moments that you will grow old and reminisce. 

I know in my future, I will cherish all the memories that I have made here at Miss Teenage Canada 2020! Through my experience, I met so many new girls and got the opportunity to learn about every single one of them. I noticed that everyone had unique perspectives and radiant personalities that made them special and interesting to talk to! Through this amazing experience we were all also able to embrace the present and make memories together that we will cherish forever.  During activity day when we were on the lake going tubing, taking pictures, dressing up to eat together, and treetop trekking we all stepped out of our comfort zones and enjoyed each other’s company, to create beautiful memories! I have learned that everyone’s decisions here have collectively created moments that we will reminisce about when we are older.  In the end, no matter the future, we all have learned the value of being in the present through our experiences here at MTC 2o2o. I know that every girl here is a winner and will continue to do amazing things in the future! After this pageant, I will continue to work on my platform to make a difference in my present and lead to a better future for everyone!


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To my pageant sisters,

You guys probably won’t read this because personally I don’t read other people’s blogs too much, but this is a letter of me just speaking from my heart. I love each, and every single one of you. You each have something truly unique about you, and you each have such warm and welcoming hearts. Walking into this pageant, I truly expected girls who were catty or plain rude, but seeing even one of you in the mornings just makes me smile. It is true that I got to get to know some girls better than others, but I have talked to each and every one of you to know that I truly loved this experience. Other people won’t know pageants until they’ve been in one, and I am beyond lucky to meet 28 girls who have made me laugh in ways that are just insane, or have supported me from day one. Back home, I didn’t have that many friends, or I was always the second person someone would turn to. But in here, having so so many sisters, it felt like home. Thank you to Marc, Sam, and Emma for being great chaperones/pageant mamas/and great role models. This week would not be half as fun, if it weren’t for you guys. To my girls, you will forever and ever be my girls, no matter what. I am always here for you and I truly wish the best of luck to everyone, because it really didn’t feel like a competition, and it still doesn’t. No matter who wins tomorrow, I will cry my eyes out and will lose my voice from screaming, because each and everyone one of you have a place in my heart. Just know, that I am proud of all of you, and I love you guys so so SO much.

XOXO, Joanne

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Day 3 was super super fun! We woke up bright and early and got ready for our activity day. We just went to tree top trekking near our resort, and it was a little bit scary, but I really enjoyed it. Then we were off the mini golfing and lake tubing, and Marc and Sam went with us and it was super exciting and funny to watch everyone flip off the tubes! The dinner was a very fancy pasta dinner, and all the girls dressed up and everyone was so so beautiful!

Yesterday was prelims and it went pretty well in my opinion! We first had rehearsals where Shawn Cuffie taught us how to walk and the basic stances. Then of course, our sponsor, Modern College, came and did my hair and makeup super pretty for prelims during the evening. Then it was showtime!

Firstly, we had to go prepare a 30 second mini speech about our platform, and mine was talking about how social media affects young girls negatively. I talked about how I believed there was a toxic culture on social media which encourages social media. I also mentioned that I would not edit or alter any of my photos on social media so that we could create a new standard where people do not need to feel the need to change themselves. We then did our bathing suit walk and then talent. I personally did not do talent but I loved every single one of the talents that went on. That concluded our preliminary! I can’t wrap my head around the fact that tomorrow someone gets crowned!


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It is day 4 at MTC and I’m so excited to do my interview and swimwear walk! We had our choreographer Sean come in and teach us some choreography and basic technique for walking, posing and turns. It was at first a little challenging but then I caught on super fast. After rehearsals I got my makeup and hair done, it looked amazing! Special thank you to my sister Melina.

Then we got dressed in our interview outfit…

I think I did pretty good during my interview, the judges were super nice and made me feel so welcomed.

Then we got ready for our show at 9:00 pm! We had our introduction/ platform and then our swimsuit walk which I was so excited to do.



After the show, I felt super tired so I got ready for bed because we have rehearsals all day tomorrow for the Saturday night show.

Goodnight everyone!


Monika Mancini


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The first couple of days of the MTC experience were beyond exciting! It started off at 8 am where we all woke up and went down to grab our to-go breakfasts. From there, we went up to our rooms to dress in our fabulous cocktail dresses!

Everyone looked so amazing and beautiful in their gowns! Afterwards, all of us got picked up from our rooms to go down and get our hair and makeup done! Getting my hair and makeup done for the very first time was super exciting  and I cherished every second of it! Next, we went to our photoshoots where we posed and took amazing headshots and videos!

We also got the opportunity to do a casual shoot with our makeup and had an amazing time in the beautiful sunny weather! We got lots of photos, selfies and more!

Over the next couple of days, we did so many activities! We all went to the lake at the resort and took so many photos! At the beach, we went paddleboarding and tubing which was super fun! We even had the amazing opportunity to go treetop trekking and challenge our physical limits completing all the fantastic obstacles! At the end of the activity day, we all got to eat beaver tails and

Finally, we had such a fun, fancy dinner with everyone! Everyone dressed up for the evening and we had the opportunity to finally meet Emma Jeapes, Miss. Teenage Canada 2019! We got to ask her so many interesting questions and have fun! She told us all about her amazing experiences and shared many stories!

This experience was super exciting and I got to meet so many amazing girls through the activities and meals! Overall, the last couple of days were amazing and filled with so much fun and excitement and I can’t wait for the last couple!


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Wow! Wow! Wow!

Treetop trekking with all of the girls was incredibly enjoyable! Many of the girls were quite excited and nervous about Wednesday’s activity. However, our expectation with the level of fun shot through the roof.

From spending almost 4 hours climbing on the rope obstacle course, we would zip line from one to the other tree.

A photo with Krissy and Joanne before Treetop Trekking!

After lunch, I got to experience Mini Golf for the first time with Joanne, Angela, and Krissy as my teammates. We had a blast even though we lost a couple of balls along the way!

Mini Golfing

The whole day was filled with excitement and satisfaction of trying something new and enjoying the moments with the rest of the delegate made this work out day successfully!


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Tuesday was quite a busy yet fun day! My roommate, Krissy, and I woke up around 7 AM to get ready for breakfast. Since it was the Photoshoot and Video event, everyone was very excited and nervous about how the day would play out.

My roommate, Krissy, did her makeup beautifully and asked for assistance from one of the fantastic hairstylist from Modern College Hairstyling & Esthetics!

Krissy’s hair was done by the Modern College Hairstyling & Esthetics! It’s so beautiful!

We started with the formal wear for the first Photoshoot and video before heading down for lunch.

After the delicious meal by at the Horseshoe Resort, I started to get ready for the second photoshoot with my casual wear. We waited for our turn, but the time flew by when interacting with some of the girls.

I can’t thank the photographer and videographer enough for the amount of understanding, patience, and help to provide us with such comfort and security in ourselves to do the best that we can be in the activities.

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On Monday, I got the pleasure of meeting all of the outstanding delegates of Miss Teenage Canada! I got to meet my roommate, Krissy, and I never felt more thankful to be paired up with a funny and understanding person. Not only is it beautiful and funny, but I also begin to get to know Krissy (Kristiana) and her outstanding personality, which increases my confidence and comfort instantly. At the Horseshoe Resort, we gather in the evening for dinner to which everyone was dressed in their PJ for a Pizza and Cake party!

A group photo with all of the lovely delegates!

A picture with my table group: Krissy, Joanne, and Ria!


Thank you to all the sponsors for these memorable gifts, especially to Michelle, Marc, Sam and everyone that takes the time to organize this pageant for all on the girls to feel comfortable and support!! So far, I am having a blast and am excited to continue my week!


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Today was the activity day where we got to spend it doing a bunch of fun activities.

The day started at 7 am. We got ready for breakfast. Had a good healthy breakfast to prepare us for what was to come next.

We headed off on a hike to reach our next destination. We arrived at the Treetop Trekking. This was a fun obstacle course that was up in the trees. Each time you finished one course, it got harder and harder. This activity took a lot of balance and concentration. Even though our hands are now sore, as well as our bodies, it was a fun way to kick off the fun-filled day.

After the Treetop Trekking activity, we headed in for lunch.

We then headed upstairs to change into our swimsuits and headed off to the mini beach they have which was connected to a mini pond. At the beach, there was paddle boarding, tubing which you were pulled on by a machine and volleyball courts. The tube went a lot faster then we thought. We flipped over 2 times into the water.




After the few hours at the beach, we then headed over to the Bever Tails trailer and picked up a delicious treat. Then we headed upstairs to change for some mini-golf. We had a blast playing mini golf even though I only got one hole in one, I am not the best at mini-golf.


After some mini-golf, we then headed upstairs to get ready for our fancy dinner tonight. We had some delicious pasta mixed with veggies.

The reigning Miss Teenage Canada 2019 Emma Jeapes arrived and we got to chat and ask her some questions. We also got our swimwear and opening number dresses.

Tomorrow is a preliminary day so stay tuned!!


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