Hello, Bonjour,

Only 5 days left, before Miss Teenage Canada starts.  Sooo thrilling. Starting next September, I will be a grade 12 high school student. My favorite classes that I love to take are Welding and Woodworking. I really love it working with my hands is such a great form of therapy for myself. My end of year project for my construction class that I have finished and accomplished was an outhouse aka the funny term of saying a “Poop house”.

 This assignment I had to construct was so much fun in creating. From its flooring to its shingles you can actually say that it is a Royal throne if you ask me.  There is just something about Woodworking that is a lot of fun. When you have the ability to make exactly what you want and improvise on existing things is a great life skill. Working on this project, I was able to work as a team and combining each other’s expertise made our assignment a great outcome.

As a result, I guess I can actually say that sawdust is my main glitter. In addition, my metal crafting skills with a little bit of creativity is how I came about with the idea of welding my very own collection of crowns.  These are my absolute favorite projects to work on.

My teacher even let me create my own Miss Teenage Canada Logo plaque in honor of the Pageant. Check out my video for the plaque.

At Miss Teenage Canada my platform will be to encourage young women as myself and show that it is possible to follow our dream even in male dominating career. For myself, I want to live in a world filled with ground-breaking young women in the trades sector.

A la prochaine, until next time,


Written by: Chloe