Hello, Bonjour 🙂

Our very first rehearsal with Shawn Cuffie for Miss Teenage Canada 2019 was a blast! We learned our swimsuit and evening gown routine as well as the key sequence: step, place, pivot, turn. I feel so much more confident in my stage presence and walk. So grateful to have Shawn helping us along the way to the Miss Teenage Canada stage.

I absolutely love to dance and am so excited to learn our opening number!

Learning and growing as an individual at rehearsals!

After rehearsal, we went to eat dinner. Dinner was AMAZING! I had alfredo pasta with chicken and salad! Thank you so much to the Miss Teenage Canada team for providing us with such amazing meals.

At dinner, I got to talk to my new friends, Mia and Maya, more! We shared so many laughs and stories and bonded over being over 5’7.

At dinner with Mia and Maya!

At the end of dinner, we were SURPRISED with our opening number dress and shoes! They are FANTASTIC! I can’t wait to wear them on stage at Miss Teenage Canada! Thank you the team of Miss Teenage Canada for providing us with such amazing shoes and dress! They fit perfectly 🙂

Our opening number dress and shoes!

We were then SURPRISED again! We are all going to CANADA’S WONDERLAND! I am SO excited to go on all the rides and have a memorable time with all of my pageant sisters!

After dinner, we went back to our rooms and my roommates and I bonded over funny stories we shared. I absolutely love my roommates and all the girls here. We are not only together at Miss Teenage Canada but I know we will be together for life.

Can’t wait for tomorrow! Here comes day 3!

Cheer me on at Miss Teenage Canada! #25!

Every new friend is a new adventure… the start of more memories.

Patrick Lindsay
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