Hello everyone!

Today was our fun day and our surprise location was Canada’s Wonderland! I had an awesome day in this amusement park with some of my best friends going on all the cool rides!

Entrance to the park with my girls!

I will admit I was a little nervous at first to go on some rides but im all about taking risks! I’m so thankful for my group members who encouraged me to go on some of these rides I would never do! They ended up being my favourite ones! Goes to show you that you should always just go for it, life’s too short!

My favourite ride was the Yukon Striker, it drops you 90° underground! This one of my favourite because of the feeling of adrenaline you get as you dangle over anticipating the drop.


The feeling when you drop is something I feel a lot when I do pageants – in a good way! The feeling where your just so excited and happy you can’t wait for what’s next to come!

We also rode the Leviathan, Canada’s largest rollarcoaster. Afterwords I obviously had to buy a keychain with my picture for proof I went on it!

Along the way I met this really cool coworker Avi! He was super kind to us and even helped us with the best spots around the park, where to go and what to eat!

Chloe, Avi and I

We spent the rest of the day cooling off on water rides, enjoying some dippin dots and taking memeroable pictures!

I’m so thankful this is where we got to spend our fun day, it was amazing to just relax and put our minds to other things!

If you would like to see more pictures, updates and live videos check out my Instagram!


Thank you all for following along my journey,

See you in the next post!

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What do Miss Teenage Canada delegates do when they come to Toronto, Ontario?.. visit Canada’s Wonderland (duh).

I had a blast at Canada’s Wonderland with my fellow MTC delegates! We arrived as the park opened and were able to skip most of the lines thanks to the heat. My group and I did all of the rides including the famous Leviathan and the newest addition to the park the Yukon Striker.

We took a break from the rides to enjoy carnival style food (shhhh!) and relax in the shade. I loved the bonding experience that our activity day granted us with.

I truly couldn’t ask for a better day or a better group of girls. I had so much fun today and can not wait for the rest of the week!

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Today was a total surprise for all of the delegates and a really great one at that! Personally I have been to wonderland many times but today I had the chance to basically be a tour guide for girls from other provinces who had never been. I had an amazing time and I am so glad we got a break from all of the hectic behind the scenes pageant work. I love roller coasters and I could not be happier with how the day went. I bonded with new girls and had tons of fun!

Group shot at Canada’s Wonderland

We started the day with none other than a fantastic breakfast at the cafe and then headed onto the bus to go to Canada’s Wonderland. Upon arrival we all split into groups and went off our separate ways. Of course, my group chose to go on the Leviathan first. It was a first for many of the girls and soon they were addicted to the thrill of the roller coasters! We went on the 90 degree drop Yukon striker twice, the behemoth many times, the bat and other large roller coasters. The only ride that I have not enjoyed at Canada’s Wonderland since I was young is the Flight deck. All the violent turns is not for me, though I do know people who like it so make sure to try it and make your own opinion. In between all the rides we all had a nice lunch of burgers and mac and cheese at the park topped off with a cold vanilla ice cream.

(left) Janaya, Me, Emma, Kate, Farrah (right)

The day went on and I even tried the hockey accuracy shooting challenge at the park. The goal was to hit 4 different targets in 30 seconds and I had a blast trying to do that! The only downside was that I did not win the big Toronto Maple Leaf bear… but there’s always next time!

After many other rides and fun my group we stopped for dinner. I think by the end of the day we had traveled the entire park; including the kids land. Apparently there are easier ways than running 5 km to get 25,000 steps… who knew? 🙂

Eventually we boarded the bus back to the rooms. When we got back, everyone got their unique swimwear from Hot water Swim and I am so happy with mine! It suits my personality well and is so cute! Tomorrow is preliminary and talent night and my roommates and I are busy rehearsing talents and getting all ready for the show! Stay tuned for more blogs 🙂

-Maya, Miss Teenage Whitby 2019

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Today was activity day! The Miss Teenage Canada contestants received a surprise trip to Canada’s Wonderland.

I loved every minute of Canada’s Wonderland! I was in a group with girls from my past pageant, and girls from other provinces. I got to bond with all the pageant girls and get to know each of them individually.

After our busy day yesterday, it was nice to have a calm and fun day.

My favourite part about Canada’s Wonderland was watching my friends who have never been, experience the thrill!

Together, we had a fantastic day! & I loved every minute of it! Thank you to Michelle, all volunteers, and the Miss Teenage Canada organization!

Written by: Silvanna Vitiello
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Hi everyone, it’s Aurora. Today we all went to Canada’s Wonderland courtesy of the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. I had such a blast! I went on so many roller coasters like dragon fire, nightmare, the fly, and much more. The sun was very hot throughout the whole day but it did rain just a little in the morning. My group and I took many photos from the experience we had and I’m here to share them with you.

Arrival to Canada’s Wonderland
My MissTeenage Canada delegate photo

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I was honoured to discover that my story had been featured on my local news cite Sudbury.com!

Cast Your Vote!

Read my story to hear about how I ‘wowed’ the crowd during my talent portion this year and was crowned Miss Talent for my performance of Kacey Musgraves’ “Space Cowboy” last season at the 2018 Miss Sudbury Pageant. Go check out Sudbury.com to read my article and learn more about me!

performing at Miss Greater Sudbury!
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What a day! It was AMAZING!

It was a day of hair and makeup in preparation for our photoshoots, video shoots and formal interviews with the judges.

Our “naked” face selfie ready to go for official Hair/Makeup sessions! My great roomies!

My makeup was spectacular thanks to Mesmerizingbeauty by Nikki!

The expertise of Modern Makeup artist Jenn did a beautiful wavy look for my hair.

Jenn working her magic!

Then I headed off for my formal Judge’s interview. The judges were lovely, welcoming and made me very comfortable in the interview.

Ready for my Judge’s Interview


I was given the unbelievable opportunity to have a photo shoot with the incredibly talented Darren Lee . It was AMAZING and certainly an opportunity I would not have without this MTC experience. I can’t wait to see some of the photos from the sitting!

The day was topped off with our first rehearsal.

Tomorrow is going to be exciting with a trip to Canada’s Wonderland! Stay tuned for the next chapter in my MTC journey!

Be Brave, Be Strong!

Emma, Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2019

Written by: Emma
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Hello, Bonjour,

My FIRST Day at Miss Teenage Canada will forever be one to remember. I kicked it off with a stop at the grocery store with my parents to buy snacks for the week. And of course, I couldn’t help myself from getting a Starbucks at the same time.

We then proceeded and drove to the Centennial Place Residence to register myself for the greatest event ever.

Upon my arrival, we had to wait in the lobby for a bit and I was so nervous to see who my new roommates would be for the following week. Going up in the elevator, I just couldn’t contain my excitement to see who I might get to spend these magical days with.  As I stepped into my lucky room that is for the week, I was greeted with open arms by Shay-Miss Teenage Parkland, Bonnie- Miss Teenage Vancouver and Anoushka-Miss Teenage Peel and my tense feelings just vanished. I brought out the deck of cards and we bonded together along with of course a couple of pictures taken as we waited for the other pageant girls to arrive to start off our Pizza Party.

It was finally time to get together as a whole group to meet everyone. I was beyond exited to meet all my pageant sisters. And of course to make myself comfortable for the PJ / Pizza party I brought my favorite pink elephant slippers with me. I am still in awe to be able to make instant friendships with girls from across the country is such a great feeling. After our delicious meal that was given, we got lucky and we got to eat some cake. YUMMY!!!

During our evening, we met Michelle the President of the Miss Teenage Canada. All I can say is she is REMARKABLE.  She proceeded and enlightens us about all our days to come.

Day 2 Rise and Shine!

Day 2 was a busy day! I started off my morning  with a delicious breakfast of Yogurt, granola with fruits my absolute favorite. Right after breakfast, I went straight to hair and make-up. I would love to thank Melissa from the Modern Makeup team for my amazing look.  In addition I would like to send a shout out to Ramiro for the incredible hair that I had today.

Next, I went instantly to do my video shoot and photo shoot. All I can say is WOW I had a blast.  Once this was all completed it was finally interview time. I must say I was really eager to meet the incredible judges.

Once my interviews done, it was time for our first rehearsal. I would like to genuinely say thank you to Shawn Cuffie for his knowledge and his patience with me and my fellow pageant sisters.  Hi work is impeccable to help us shine and feel our best on stage. Keeping onto his motto like he always says “Step, Place, Pivot, and Whip!!!” Wow what a workout, time for supper. Time to eat. The pasta provided for us was so DELICIOUS.

Lastly, we are so lucky we were given our official opening dress number and heels. We will look so marvelous on stage my pageant sisters and I. I am so in loving the dress and heels. Thank you Miss Teenage Canada 2019.

OH I almost forgot to mention today we are going to Canada’s Wonderland! YES this is the best surprise ever I cannot wait to go on the rides. Stay tune for more update to come.

À la prochaine fois, Until next time,

“It’s more fun when you’re not the only one having it.”the Oaqui

Much love from Chloe !!!

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Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a great week – I know I am here at Miss Teenage Canada!

On the 9th we arrived and I got to meet my amazing roomates Janaya and Maya! We’re all settled in and yesterday (Day 2) we completed our Interviews, Video and Photo Shoots!

I think it’s important for us delegates to always feel fulfilled with the performance we give, and sometimes when we mess up you just keep going on! There is no such think as mistakes, only accidental educational lessons!

I want to take this opportunity to share the optional essay I handed in as it explains a lot about me, my platform and why Miss Teenage Canada is so important to me. This essay is the true me, the real feelings and emotions I get and my honest self.

I am entering this pageant knowing that the one question that will be asked often is: “why should you be the next Miss Teenage Canada?”

I, actually have many answers to that question; all of them which I would not be able to express during the weekend. However, I will be expressing many layers of my explanation through my blogs, introduction video, and interview, as well when asked to.

We don’t always get opportunities to guide conversations and meetings the way we want them to, causing situations to not go smoothly. So here I am in this essay, using this opportunity to get my points across-because there is so much more to me then what you will see.

“I’ve got so much more then they’ve got planned” -Belle, Beauty and The Beast

I am someone with a lot of energy, I am very passionate about Miss Teenage Canada and I have been working hard for this pageant for a while now. By writing out this essay, I am making myself vulnerable to the raw, uncut, thoughts of my ideas moving forward -because I want to show you the real me, not the version that blends in with everyone else.

Starting off with my platform and the plans I have moving forward after this pageant. My platform is something many people don’t know about or always take the same approach to. Period Poverty! Every girl gets a menstrual cycle whether they live in a mansion or in a homeless shelter, and many of us rely on a drawer in our bathrooms or a kit in our bags. We take for granted that these items are readily available to us. What about the girls and women who cannot afford them? A period is something we can’t control and have to pay the financial expenses for. Disposable period products are the last items donated to shelters as they are very expensive – so if were not donating them, how are these women getting them? Women of all ages are using anything from ripped up cardboard to nothing at all, young girls are not attending school due to lack of feminine hygiene products. How can we empower women when they are stripped of their dignity and education all because of a natural body process?

One thing I find the most shocking of all as a girl -is that my local health unit gives away free condoms for something that is a CHOICE, but not free products for something we CAN’T choose. After Miss Teenage Canada I want to start my own organization that supplies women with period products, preferably -REUSEABLE products such as microfiber cloth pads and silicone menstrual cups. This is something that has not been done and would help women who cannot afford pads. There are many benefits around this, such as, negative environmental impacts, there’s only a one time cost for a long time of products, not hard to clean AND these women will ALWAYS have a product to rely on. They won’t need to stress if their money should go towards their next meal or a box of tampons.

With a Miss Teenage Canada winning, I can help jumpstart this program in places more than just my city. This is a first-world issue that needs our attention! It is an issue in every city across Canada and affects women and girls around the world. I have already met with companies and other women who are ready to help and support my organization in the works. I want to be able to help others around the whole country, expand the love, women empower women. We not only help those in needs but also end the stigma around periods and the embarrassment of talking about it.

“The only way to get what you want in this world Is through hard work” – Tiana, Princess and the Frog

Another reason why I want to win Miss Teenage Canada is to help with my future dreams and goals. When I graduate high school, my first goal is to become a Disney Princess at the Disney Parks – yes, professionally as a real job! Now this wouldn’t be my permanent job as I would eventually work towards my next goals, but that’s another story!

Becoming a Disney Princess has been my dream since I was 12 years old. I remember the exact moment when it hit me, it was like the whole world froze around me, time stopped and I couldn’t breathe. It was in 2015, in Disney World of course! Standing in front of Magic Kingdom watching the fireworks shoot up and sparkle like my eyes watching them, the music playing in my ears and that was the moment when I found a place I knew I would fit in, where I belonged, right where I was supposed to be! Like Ariel on Land!

Being a Disney Princess to me is not just for the glamour. I want to be an inspirational role model to the boys and girls all around the world, making them smile and laugh each day. As a past pageant winner and also as a current Miss Teenage Canada delegate, nothing is more exciting than when children (and even adults!) run up to me asking to try on my crown and be a princess just like me, I get this feeling inside – I cant explain it, its like happiness and joy and being overwhelmed all at once! I want to be able to create that same magical feeling for the people around me.

“Laughter is Timeless, imagination is forever and dreams have no age” -Tinkerbell

A related topic to being a Disney Princess is our fundraising for the Children`s Wish Foundation. Many children ask that their final wish is to go to Disney and meeting their favourite character, and to create their final memories as one of the best days of their lives would be my ultimate dream goal.

Disney isn’t just for children; it is for people of all ages, making dreams come true. If I won Miss Teenage Canada, that not only completes one of my dreams to win Miss Teenage Canada and represent the country but it would help me achieve my goal of bringing joy and happiness to others. I would finish every work day knowing I made someone smile and I brought magic to their life.

“have confidence in your ability to do it right, and work hard to do the best possible job” -Walt Disney

After my year at Disney, I will attend post -secondary education to focus on my career. I am still quite young and exploring different career options. In the next two years of high school I will be finishing up a specialization in non-profit organizations; completing many courses involving the environment, world issues, religious issues, life skills, equal rights regarding gender/race, social justice and equality and many more classes in those fields.

I am considering having a career in Social injustice and/or social rights; possibly working in an embassy and helping people who are not treated equal. I know that I am a true believer in helping people and everyone should be treated fairly. I have volunteered for many organizations raising funds and awareness for mental health, medical treatments, homelessness and hospice care.

Winning Miss Teenage Canada would give me more experiences with people as I travel around wearing my sash and crown proudly, improve my public speaking as I attend events and speak to others around me and raise awareness for the many causes I support. It would also give me the opportunity to learn about other world issues that may not be as known or needs more attention. I have mentioned many times to people around me and also in my blog that there is a power to a crown. People will stop and listen to me and I want to use the power of the crown for a greater good!

“Our fate lives within us, you only have to be BRAVE enough to see it” -Merida, Brave

Finally, Miss Teenage Canada is not just a pageant to me, it’s a week of empowerment, becoming my best self and shaping myself for the future. I want girls across Canada to experience the love and changes for the better I’ve received through Pageantry. I want to work with pageant directors, teams, events, organizations and programs to get the youth involved, to create a better atmosphere and self-image for the younger generations, to teach lessons and to inspire them to be their best selves.

This title to me is more than just a title, it’s a dream, it’s a stamp of approval, it’s an accomplishment – this title is something that is beneficial to any girl who earns it. For me it helps me not only in my current teenage years but my future goals for Disney, my education plans after that and my workforce plans after that! This title would be my lifestyle of creating happiness, starting my organization, and making not only my dreams come true but show people all over the world that dreams come true.

I`ve said it once and I’ll say it again. There is so much more to me then you can believe, this girl is devoted to her craft and is ready for anything thrown at her. I want to have the power of the crown continue in my life as Miss Teenage Canada!

“they can’t order me to stop dreaming” -Cinderella

P.S! All you need is FAITH, TRUST and a littleee PIXIE DUST!

Thank you to everyone who read any bit of this blog post, this is one of if not the most important posts to me as this essay was something I wrote in one of the biggest dips on my journey here- I took every challenge as a steeping stone making them learning experiences and helping me along the way!

Bye for now!

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Aliyah, Mia and Myself

Today was the day for interviews, photo shoots and video shoots. In other words, the fun stuff before the show! Our morning started at 8 AM when we were brought down to the cafe for breakfast. It was a buffet style breakfast and the food was amazing. There was fruit served so you know I was happy! I sat with some new girls and we bonded over glasses of orange juice and bagels. It was a great start to the day.

After breakfast we all headed back up to our rooms to await our hair and make-up call times. It was a great day to hang out with with my awesome roommates. You guys are the best!

Final Look!

Eventually I was brought down for hair and make up for the photo shoot and I was beyond happy with the outcome! First of all, the atmosphere was so energetic and fun that it instantly made me feel upbeat and happy – especially with the Shakira playing in the background!

After a lot of fun at hair and makeup I was ready for my interview.

My Interview Outfit Sponsored by Humphrey’s Boutique

Following the interview I headed over to my video shoot where there was a green screen and everything set up! It was a new experience for me but still very fun. Then all the girls took a lunch break whee there was salad, fruit, yogurt, pizza and other great food options. We all ate together and as that wrapped up, headed to our last stations. I went to photo shoot where I had my first official photo shoot and it was great! The photographer was incredible and I am very happy with how everything came out.

When everybody finished the stations we went to a rehearsal room for a little bit of choreography practice for the show. That went well and I can’t wait to perform the finished product!

I’m all ready for a fun filled day tomorrow!

-Maya, Miss Teenage Whitby 2019

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