What a blast!

Day 3 was so much fun. We spent the entire day making memories with each other.

Canada’s Wonderland is a playground for thrill-seekers and adrenaline-junkies. In addition to its world-class roller coasters, the park is known for its extensive collection of thrilling rides. We tried some of them!

On our way!

Group photo op
So much fun!

It was a fantastic day! We returned to the dorm tired but overwhelmed by the experience.

Tomorrow is preliminaries!

Until then,

Be Strong, Be Brave

Emma, Miss Teen Eastern Ontario

Written by: Emma
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Hi, my name is Tia-Lynn McCann.

I am 16 years old. I competed last year in the Miss Teenage Canada 2018 pageant and loved it so much that I decided to recompete in the Miss Teenage Canada 2019 pageant. I am Miss Teenage Southwestern Ontario 2019. When I competed the first time, it was something to do that was new and out of my comfort zone.

I didn’t realize how much work being involved in a pageant can be. As a title holder, you can choose how much work you want to do.
I chose to be involved in my community and participated in various events. I followed the suggestions in the Delegate kit and started participating in events such as parades, festivals, open houses. Through being forced to get out of my comfort zone and try new things,  I have discovered a lot about my self and what I am capable of learning and how I can improve each day and become a better person than I was yesterday.

As a titleholder, you are asked to choose a platform to work on. For me, it was easy choosing my platform. I chose to partner with the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society (WECAS). The reason why I wanted to partner with them is that I was once a child in the foster care system, along with my brother and sister. I stayed in the foster care system for 3 years from the time I was 6 months old. We went through at least 5 foster homes. I was 3.5 years old when I was adopted, and my brother was 6 and my sister was 2.5 years old. We were lucky because a loving family chose to adopt all 3 of us. They already had a birthson called Patrick who was 11 years old.

My goal in working with CAS is to raise the awareness in the community of the desperate need for foster and adoptive homes. My hope is that my efforts will make a difference and increase the number of foster homes. In Windsor, we have 470 children in care and 168 foster homes. Couple of years ago, we had over 243 homes. Some homes have closed because they adopted the children they were fostering; while others have retired after being foster parents for 30 years.

Working with CAS and attending their events or speaking on their behalf as a guest speaker for other events; doing parades; and fundraisers; have all helped me to learn new skills and improve upon the ones I already have.
On July 1st, I participated in the Windsor Canada Day parade. At first, doing parades was little awkward as all the attention is on me. Even though I am bubbly and outgoing, I am also shy and reserved with people I don’t know. Being in a parade forces me to always be happy, smiling and not be afraid to be at the center of attention. I really like how I affect young children. Little girls will hug me and treat me as if they met a real queen. After the parades, there were both kids and adults who were lining up for pictures.

CAS has several information sessions each month to answer questions on fostering and adopting. Whenever my schedule allows, I attend the meetings and answer questions prospective foster or adoptive parents want to ask. This has forced me to own my own story. A story of loss, pain, being a survivor, and working through my insecurities and growing every day into a better person than I was yesterday.

There is a quote that states: “Real Queens fix each others’ crowns.” Beauty pageants can be viewed in different ways. Some people feel beauty pageants are filled with self centered barbie dolls. However, there are a lot of girls that truly get involved in beauty pageants for the opportunity to grow, learn and become a better person. I believe that a real queen should always be available to help another title holder and provide guidance, inviting other titleholders to events, doing their makeup or fixing a crown. Heling others has taught me to be humble and to share the spotlight. It is when we learn to help other “queens” that great things can happen, such as building friendships that can last a lifetime or working on a common project that can make a difference in someone’s life.

Through being asked to be a guest speaker for various events, I have learnt that I love public speaking and being on stage. I think my parents are shocked as they never imagined me being so natural on the speaking stage. The biggest crowd so far that I have spoken in front of has been 500 people. I can’t wait to see what other speaking opportunities will open for me where I can share my message of second chances with adults and kids.

I chose to exit my comfort zone and because of that decision, I have become a more confident speaker, I am more comfortable in front of a camera, I talk to strangers more easily, I get to interact with children, I am learning how to be a role model and bring children hope, I am learning to accept and love my self each day and hopefully my struggles and the lessons learnt from those struggles can help other teens so that they too can know that “Even though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” Word by Carl Bard.

In November 2018, I volunteered with CAS at information booths at movie theathers as the movie Instant Family featuring Mark Walhberg came out. It is a movie about fostering and adoption. It is a really great movie. They did a great job taking the reality of the foster care system and making it into a comedy that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. As my siblings and I were a handful growing up, my mom needed a support system. My mom believes that it takes a village to grow a child. My family decided to go watch the movie with whoever of our support system could go watch it.

Written by: Tia-Lynne
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Hello, Bonjour 🙂

For our activity day, we got to go to Canada’s Wonderland for the whole day!

The bus ride was so fun! We laughed, told stories, and sang songs!

Bus ride to Canada’s Wonderland!
Canada’s Wonderland here we come!

I have a slight fear of rollercoasters…. BUT today I overcame that fear and went on all of them including the big rides such as the Leviathan and the Yukon Striker! I had SO much fun. I now LOVE rollercoasters thanks to my pageant sisters who encouraged me to go!

I am actually planning on going to Cedar Point in a few weeks and am now ready to take on all the rides with no fear!

Thank you Darren for all the pictures, I love them!

After we went on a bunch of rides we played some games to try and win a stuffed animal! The games were harder than we thought… but we still had a fantastic time.

Playing toss!

We then came across the cutest diner! We took so many awesome photos!

Girl Group!

I absolutely love the music they were playing at Canada’s Wonderland. We danced everywhere we went AND there was even a live band!

While we were walking we even saw the diving show that Canada’s Wonderland puts on! It was truly incredible. I have always adored watching diving!

Diving show at Canada’s Wonderland

We then found a circus show to watch! Everyone in the show was so talented. It was so inspiring to watch them perform and see just want you can accomplish with hard work, love, and dedication. The show was based on the Tundra.

Circus Show at Canada’s Wonderland
Incredible skill!

On our way back to the bus we saw these cute stuffed animals and had to take a picture!

Elizabeth, Karen, and I with the cute stuff animals

We made the most of our day at Canada’s Wonderland and I couldn’t have had a better time!

Had a spectacular time at Canada’s Wonderland!

Now onto the Preliminary Show tomorrow. So excited! Cheer me on and keep voting! 🙂 #25!

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun

Randy Bausch
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Hello everyone!

Today was our fun day and our surprise location was Canada’s Wonderland! I had an awesome day in this amusement park with some of my best friends going on all the cool rides!

Entrance to the park with my girls!

I will admit I was a little nervous at first to go on some rides but im all about taking risks! I’m so thankful for my group members who encouraged me to go on some of these rides I would never do! They ended up being my favourite ones! Goes to show you that you should always just go for it, life’s too short!

My favourite ride was the Yukon Striker, it drops you 90° underground! This one of my favourite because of the feeling of adrenaline you get as you dangle over anticipating the drop.


The feeling when you drop is something I feel a lot when I do pageants – in a good way! The feeling where your just so excited and happy you can’t wait for what’s next to come!

We also rode the Leviathan, Canada’s largest rollarcoaster. Afterwords I obviously had to buy a keychain with my picture for proof I went on it!

Along the way I met this really cool coworker Avi! He was super kind to us and even helped us with the best spots around the park, where to go and what to eat!

Chloe, Avi and I

We spent the rest of the day cooling off on water rides, enjoying some dippin dots and taking memeroable pictures!

I’m so thankful this is where we got to spend our fun day, it was amazing to just relax and put our minds to other things!

If you would like to see more pictures, updates and live videos check out my Instagram!


Thank you all for following along my journey,

See you in the next post!

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What do Miss Teenage Canada delegates do when they come to Toronto, Ontario?.. visit Canada’s Wonderland (duh).

I had a blast at Canada’s Wonderland with my fellow MTC delegates! We arrived as the park opened and were able to skip most of the lines thanks to the heat. My group and I did all of the rides including the famous Leviathan and the newest addition to the park the Yukon Striker.

We took a break from the rides to enjoy carnival style food (shhhh!) and relax in the shade. I loved the bonding experience that our activity day granted us with.

I truly couldn’t ask for a better day or a better group of girls. I had so much fun today and can not wait for the rest of the week!

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Today was a total surprise for all of the delegates and a really great one at that! Personally I have been to wonderland many times but today I had the chance to basically be a tour guide for girls from other provinces who had never been. I had an amazing time and I am so glad we got a break from all of the hectic behind the scenes pageant work. I love roller coasters and I could not be happier with how the day went. I bonded with new girls and had tons of fun!

Group shot at Canada’s Wonderland

We started the day with none other than a fantastic breakfast at the cafe and then headed onto the bus to go to Canada’s Wonderland. Upon arrival we all split into groups and went off our separate ways. Of course, my group chose to go on the Leviathan first. It was a first for many of the girls and soon they were addicted to the thrill of the roller coasters! We went on the 90 degree drop Yukon striker twice, the behemoth many times, the bat and other large roller coasters. The only ride that I have not enjoyed at Canada’s Wonderland since I was young is the Flight deck. All the violent turns is not for me, though I do know people who like it so make sure to try it and make your own opinion. In between all the rides we all had a nice lunch of burgers and mac and cheese at the park topped off with a cold vanilla ice cream.

(left) Janaya, Me, Emma, Kate, Farrah (right)

The day went on and I even tried the hockey accuracy shooting challenge at the park. The goal was to hit 4 different targets in 30 seconds and I had a blast trying to do that! The only downside was that I did not win the big Toronto Maple Leaf bear… but there’s always next time!

After many other rides and fun my group we stopped for dinner. I think by the end of the day we had traveled the entire park; including the kids land. Apparently there are easier ways than running 5 km to get 25,000 steps… who knew? 🙂

Eventually we boarded the bus back to the rooms. When we got back, everyone got their unique swimwear from Hot water Swim and I am so happy with mine! It suits my personality well and is so cute! Tomorrow is preliminary and talent night and my roommates and I are busy rehearsing talents and getting all ready for the show! Stay tuned for more blogs 🙂

-Maya, Miss Teenage Whitby 2019

Written by: Maya
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Today was activity day! The Miss Teenage Canada contestants received a surprise trip to Canada’s Wonderland.

I loved every minute of Canada’s Wonderland! I was in a group with girls from my past pageant, and girls from other provinces. I got to bond with all the pageant girls and get to know each of them individually.

After our busy day yesterday, it was nice to have a calm and fun day.

My favourite part about Canada’s Wonderland was watching my friends who have never been, experience the thrill!

Together, we had a fantastic day! & I loved every minute of it! Thank you to Michelle, all volunteers, and the Miss Teenage Canada organization!

Written by: Silvanna Vitiello
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Hi everyone, it’s Aurora. Today we all went to Canada’s Wonderland courtesy of the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. I had such a blast! I went on so many roller coasters like dragon fire, nightmare, the fly, and much more. The sun was very hot throughout the whole day but it did rain just a little in the morning. My group and I took many photos from the experience we had and I’m here to share them with you.

Arrival to Canada’s Wonderland
My MissTeenage Canada delegate photo

Written by: Aurora
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I was honoured to discover that my story had been featured on my local news cite Sudbury.com!

Cast Your Vote!

Read my story to hear about how I ‘wowed’ the crowd during my talent portion this year and was crowned Miss Talent for my performance of Kacey Musgraves’ “Space Cowboy” last season at the 2018 Miss Sudbury Pageant. Go check out Sudbury.com to read my article and learn more about me!

performing at Miss Greater Sudbury!
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What a day! It was AMAZING!

It was a day of hair and makeup in preparation for our photoshoots, video shoots and formal interviews with the judges.

Our “naked” face selfie ready to go for official Hair/Makeup sessions! My great roomies!

My makeup was spectacular thanks to Mesmerizingbeauty by Nikki!

The expertise of Modern Makeup artist Jenn did a beautiful wavy look for my hair.

Jenn working her magic!

Then I headed off for my formal Judge’s interview. The judges were lovely, welcoming and made me very comfortable in the interview.

Ready for my Judge’s Interview


I was given the unbelievable opportunity to have a photo shoot with the incredibly talented Darren Lee . It was AMAZING and certainly an opportunity I would not have without this MTC experience. I can’t wait to see some of the photos from the sitting!

The day was topped off with our first rehearsal.

Tomorrow is going to be exciting with a trip to Canada’s Wonderland! Stay tuned for the next chapter in my MTC journey!

Be Brave, Be Strong!

Emma, Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2019

Written by: Emma
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