Hi everyone I’m Aurora, Miss Teenage Barrie 2019. I am so excited to be here! I am a little late on the blog because I joined the Miss Teenage Canada pageant the day of but I am still supper optimistic and ready for what this week has to bring. I am a singer that loves to write creative and inspiring music to lift peoples hearts when their feeling down. Music has always had a special place in my heart that influences and reflects my mood and can change any dark day to light. I knew I wanted to be a singer at a very young age and stuck to it as I express my emotions in song.

My platform is self esteem where I want to build resilient individuals who have self confidence, and an understanding of who they are and are not afraid to show people who they are. We should feel proud to be ourselves and show the world our true selves. We shouldn’t feel compelled or pressure to mold or change ourselves to fit people’s expectations of us. We are beautiful just the way we are and that’s what makes us unique and different. Self esteem in very important as it is involved in everything that we do and is linked to suicide, anxiety, and depression. I believe in order to reach success we must believe in ourselves first.

Why I joined Miss Teenage Canada. I have always been very passionate about helping others reach their full potential and improving the world one day at a time. All throughout my life I’ve wanted to make a difference on different causes like Global warning, Bullying, and Mental Health. But I didn’t have the reach nor impact on any of these feilds. Every time I was involved in my community trying to make a change, I was just seen as a kid and people thought I was crazy to think I could make a difference. Every time I tried to make a impact I was shot down. So 2 days before the Miss Teenage Ontario competition I enrolled and won the title of Miss Teenage Barrie. Not only did this pageant give me much more confidence than I though I had but the power to make a difference in my community. Recently I have had the honor of raising the Canadian flag in front of our school, create and present my self esteem speech to many, started to write a book on self esteem, created a wedsight on my platform, hosted and volunteered to feed the homeless at our school, sang at old folk homes and other places like Donnalies to fundraise for Canadian Fad 5, GLOW, and at every Sunday mass. I have also MCC many events such as our schools Monsignor Clar Cup, participate in many community plays and theaters, and much more.

On my spare time I like to play the guitar, clarinet, piano, and sing. I like to fool around with different notes and see what sound nice together and hopefully create a new song from a tune I created. I also like to meditate regularly to keep my mind on trake and composed myself, readying myself for the day. I also enjoy playing sports like volleyball, tennis, and canoeing for fun. I love the outside world and the amazing wildlife it has to offer. I like to set goals everyday and achieve them even if it’s something simple so I know that I’m improving myself everyday and moving forward from yesterday.

Written by: Aurora
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