Along with my tagline for today’s youth of self-expression for self-development, I feel that we should continue to embrace the diverse cultures that form societal norms. We should continue removing our gaps and barriers through the performing Arts. Dance is not an exclusive activity to one particular culture, neither is singing, nor is acting – in fact, all of the Arts is inclusive, but we express by different means. In fact, Canada is known for its diverse, yet inclusive culture.

I am Canadian born and raised by my parents, who happen to be from Punjabi and Bengali backgrounds.

As Miss Teenage Peel 2019, I reached out to the Mayors of Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon and also to local charitable organizations, informing them of my title and seeking local events to perform at. I was invited to Christie Pits Park in Toronto for a Peace in the Park event.

I was awed by the venue, as it was an open stage in the park, for anyone to perform for themselves.The event was a means to build inclusiveness and constructive peace in the community, and was offered to the community free of cost. I am deeply humbled to have been given the opportunity to perform Kathak, an Indian classical dance style, and be able to talk about my journey towards Miss Teenage Canada and also promoted my fundraising for the Children’s Wish Foundation at this venue. 

As youth, we are also ambassadors of our generations and I feel, it is important to respect the cultural heritage passed down to us as part of our character building and self-discovery.

Written by: Anoushka