Today was a total surprise for all of the delegates and a really great one at that! Personally I have been to wonderland many times but today I had the chance to basically be a tour guide for girls from other provinces who had never been. I had an amazing time and I am so glad we got a break from all of the hectic behind the scenes pageant work. I love roller coasters and I could not be happier with how the day went. I bonded with new girls and had tons of fun!

Group shot at Canada’s Wonderland

We started the day with none other than a fantastic breakfast at the cafe and then headed onto the bus to go to Canada’s Wonderland. Upon arrival we all split into groups and went off our separate ways. Of course, my group chose to go on the Leviathan first. It was a first for many of the girls and soon they were addicted to the thrill of the roller coasters! We went on the 90 degree drop Yukon striker twice, the behemoth many times, the bat and other large roller coasters. The only ride that I have not enjoyed at Canada’s Wonderland since I was young is the Flight deck. All the violent turns is not for me, though I do know people who like it so make sure to try it and make your own opinion. In between all the rides we all had a nice lunch of burgers and mac and cheese at the park topped off with a cold vanilla ice cream.

(left) Janaya, Me, Emma, Kate, Farrah (right)

The day went on and I even tried the hockey accuracy shooting challenge at the park. The goal was to hit 4 different targets in 30 seconds and I had a blast trying to do that! The only downside was that I did not win the big Toronto Maple Leaf bear… but there’s always next time!

After many other rides and fun my group we stopped for dinner. I think by the end of the day we had traveled the entire park; including the kids land. Apparently there are easier ways than running 5 km to get 25,000 steps… who knew? 🙂

Eventually we boarded the bus back to the rooms. When we got back, everyone got their unique swimwear from Hot water Swim and I am so happy with mine! It suits my personality well and is so cute! Tomorrow is preliminary and talent night and my roommates and I are busy rehearsing talents and getting all ready for the show! Stay tuned for more blogs 🙂

-Maya, Miss Teenage Whitby 2019

Written by: Maya