Hello, Bonjour everyone and welcome to my second blog!! With less than 2 weeks until pageant week I can hardly wait to meet all of the other amazing delegates. Since my last blog, I want to show you all what I’ve been up to for the past 2 weeks. I’ve been a busy bee. I finished all my exams and now that they are done, I am so ready for summer!!

Kicking off this blog with no other than the Rayside Balfour Cafe Heritage days (June 7-9) and having the pleasure to participate. I have been helping out for 2 years in a row at this local event and it has been so wonderful. I am lucky to be part of the board as their official Youth Coordinator for this organization. As a leader myself, I have a vision that I’d like to share and inspires the people around me. 

Thursday night, was the opening ceremony that was for all the incredible sponsors and volunteers that we love to recognize. We even had amazing performers that evening. Friday night, we had the Firefighters putting out a fascinating demonstration and techniques on how they amazingly help so many lives.  I can honestly say for myself that they are angels on earth. Many of these firefighters were the same from last year as well I got to chat with them all over again. 

Saturday morning Block Party Day!  I had the glory to be the princess at our parade.  Guess what? I even was lucky enough I got my own police escort. How cool is that!  During the parade, I stepped out of the car just to share a few smiles, take a few pictures and say hi to all the kiddies. After, the parade I was directed to the car show to help out with the live auction and awards!  Cruisin for Organ Donors needed my advice and cooperation on the judging of all the incredible classic cars or trucks. Then we proceeded with my very own CHLOE’s plaques that I proudly handed out. I was lucky enough to hand out awards to the police, paramedics and fire department of Greater Sudbury. Also, happening during the day was many performers that I got to dance with and various vendors. But most importantly don’t forget we had the bouncy house!! Even I couldn’t resist that I had to do a few bounces. Saturday night ended with a grand final show at our local arena. I was given the task of directing people to their seats for the Country Legends concert series. What an amazing 3 days!

Following that weekend and into the next week, I got an interview with our local news Station MCTV regarding the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. With the wonderful news anchor Jessica Gosselin, I was encouraged to speak about my platform and also describing all of the pageant stereotypes. I got to showcase the crown that I am so proud of myself that I welded and got to speak about my own experience throughout the pageantry setting. I love speaking about pageants and along with the trades sector. This was an experience like no other that I will always cherish forever!

I was requested to attend the annual Warren Agricultural Fair. What a privilege and distinct honour to hand out so many competitive ribbons at the Lamb and Sheep competition to all the little contestants. And you know what? They even entered me in the competition with my very own lamb and not bad I even got 5th place for a first timer. I was so ecstatic when I earned this ribbon!!! And to top it off, I even met some beautiful Queens of the Furrows. These pageant ladies are sooo incredible. They literally integrate their love of agriculture with the pageant world. They put their agricultural knowledge, public speaking and plowing abilities to the test as they compete. How amazing is that!

On National Indigenous People day where we remember and commemorate their accomplishments?  I had the distinct privilege to attend the Summer Solstice at Bell Park in my town, where they recognize and celebrate the cultures and contributions of the first nations, Inuit and Métis indigenous people of Canada. I got to see my astounding community celebrate their traditions. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to learn more about our heritage. In addition, I had the chance to dance in a traditional Pow Wow and experience this for myself!

NOFCC (Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer) had their annual BBQ Yard sale and I helped volunteer for them. There was so many great treasures to be found!, I was lucky and got myself a new pair of heels for my expanding collection. Once lunch time was upon us, we opened the barbecues and started grilling. Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages were up for sale and everyone loved it!

Now in closing off my blog I leave you with my astounding fundraiser at the Beef & Bird. Wow is the only word that comes to my mind. It was such a fun night, I’m so thankful for everyone who came out to support my Journey to Miss Teenage Canada. Without my community support and love, I may never be having this huge opportunity to compete and to gladly represent myself. Our lovely night at the Beef & Bird started with the speech I composed for everyone listen how my Journey has been to get to that moment. Following, with our meal hummm “chicken, pasta, salad” what a yummy plate!!  After that, Cruising for Organ Donors and Tomorrow’s Hope Bob Johnson and Gerry Montpellier surprised me with my very own plaques to honor me as their official Teen spokesperson for their organisations. What an acknowledgment that was. Afterwards, my best friends Alexis and Alexe helped out and started the 50/50 to help out with the evening followed by a live auction. By surprise Rob Murphy began to sing a song for me and proceeded to serenaded me, this was a total choc to me, I was so touched. Right up to the end of the night Rob and Ashley sang soo many songs the whole night. They Rock and are AMAZING!!!  Following all the many surprises that night, Rob and Ashley got me a little surprise they gave me my very own frog as a good luck charm. Mom then told me to go up stage and was even convinced by Ashley to sing on stage with her. I guess I can say I made my grand debut.  While my family and I where cleaning up the hall the night is never complete unless you do karaoke. Thanks to Rob on letting use his equipment my best friends and I were able to sing so many funny songs on the planet. That just made my night.

A la prochaine, until next blog,


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi 

Written by: Chloe