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Today, I woke up at 6am! We did not have to be ready until 8am but I really enjoy spending my time in the morning and getting everything prepared for the day. I got ready and set my mentality to be ready to conquer the day!

We had breakfast and then went on to get our makeup and hair done! I got my makeup done by Rebecca and we talked about the pageant, how much fun it is, and we even discovered that we both have a strong connection to figure skating! Rebecca also taught me a lot of makeup and hair tips. We had a blast!

Set up for hair!

While I was getting my makeup and hair done the fire alarm was set off and we had to evacuate but it was no problem at all because thankfully there was no fire and no was harmed. It turned into a mini adventure! We got to see more of the beautiful facility we are staying at. I absolutely love all the windows in the facility. They remind me of my home because wherever you walk in my home there is a beautiful window beside you.

Mimi – my roommate, and I outside on our little adventure!

As we were walking back inside to finish up my makeup and hair I saw this very inspiring wonderwall! There were many great tips on here that I used throughout the day! Such as:

Wherever life plants you bloom with grace

The wonderwall!

We then continued with my makeup and hair, where Stan took so many amazing photos!

Eyeshadow = done! Foundation = next! Thank you Stan!
Finished makeup with hair in progress! Thank you Stan!

Once we finished the makeup and hair my new friend Rebecca and I took a photo!

Thank you Rebecca for my makeup and hair. I love it! I had so much fun with you! 🙂

I then went on to get ready for my video shoot! It went very well! I said everything I prepared to say in one take! I stayed focused and did the job very well. Having a strong mindset is key!

I then went on to the photo shoot, which was so much fun! There was even a fan in the photo shoot so our hair could flow behind us!!

My roommates and I in our photo shoot outfits!
Selfie after our video and photo shoots!

After I did both my video and photo shoot it was time for interview!

After interview!

I feel that the interview went very well and that all the judges were very sweet while asking very insightful questions. Can’t wait for Friday’s Preliminary Show!

Now I am currently in my room writing this blog post before we head to dinner and rehearsals!

Overall, it has been a very productive day; however, it is not over! Stay tuned for more blog posts coming up in the near future! 

Don’t forget to cheer me on at Miss Teenage Canada and to keep voting for me!

Lucky #25!

You change the world by being yourself.

Yoko Ono
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