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Today was the first day of Miss Teenage Canada!

My day started with getting my tan done at Beach Bum Organic Spray Tanning in my hometown, Windsor, Ontario. Due to having incontinentia pigmenti, I can only use natural, organic products on my skin and Beach Bum Organic Spray Tanning is the perfect place to get just that! They even wished me good luck on their instagram!

Beach Bum Organic Spray Tanning wishing me good luck before Miss Teenage Canada

After I got my perfect tan, I headed to Toronto, Ontario for Miss Teenage Canada!

On my way to Toronto, I received SO MANY messages from my friends wishing me good luck! This sincerely means the world to me. I am so grateful for all of the support I have received. Here are a couple messages I was able to upload!

Once I got to Toronto I checked in and got situated in my room! The rooms are AMAZING! It is absolutely incredible how we get to share a whole suite with three other amazing girls but get our own rooms at the same time! I am so grateful for the set up we have been provided. Couldn’t have been any better!

I absolutely love my roommates: Sierra, Exelia, and Mirella! They are all so sweet. We spent time taking photos, getting to know each other, and just laughing a lot. We have many similarities like all just recently graduating high school, having prom, and being 17; and also many differences like our culture and what city we are from. It’s amazing to see how unique each one of us is but also how alike we are as well!

Roommate selfie !!
Laughing in our PJs before the Pizza Party!

We then went to the PJ pizza party where we got to meet all of the other girls in Miss Teenage Canada! It was a blast! We ate pizza, had cake, introduced ourselves, got preparation information for the week, and got our numbers for the competition! I am lucky #25!

Group selfie at PJ Pizza Party
Lucky #25!!!

We get to keep the lanyards!! SO CUTE for car keys!!

At the PJ Pizza Party, I even got some gifts from some of the girls. This was so sweet of them! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This made me feel so welcomed 🙂

After the fantastic PJ Pizza Party we went back to our amazing rooms and handed in all of the information needed for Miss Teenage Canada. I am now currently writing this blog post while being so incredibly excited for tomorrow!

Tomorrow we had lots in store: photoshoot, video shoot, and interview! Can’t wait to take on the day tomorrow! Stay tunned for frequent updates and follow my social media accounts as well!

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