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For our activity day, we got to go to Canada’s Wonderland for the whole day!

The bus ride was so fun! We laughed, told stories, and sang songs!

Bus ride to Canada’s Wonderland!
Canada’s Wonderland here we come!

I have a slight fear of rollercoasters…. BUT today I overcame that fear and went on all of them including the big rides such as the Leviathan and the Yukon Striker! I had SO much fun. I now LOVE rollercoasters thanks to my pageant sisters who encouraged me to go!

I am actually planning on going to Cedar Point in a few weeks and am now ready to take on all the rides with no fear!

Thank you Darren for all the pictures, I love them!

After we went on a bunch of rides we played some games to try and win a stuffed animal! The games were harder than we thought… but we still had a fantastic time.

Playing toss!

We then came across the cutest diner! We took so many awesome photos!

Girl Group!

I absolutely love the music they were playing at Canada’s Wonderland. We danced everywhere we went AND there was even a live band!

While we were walking we even saw the diving show that Canada’s Wonderland puts on! It was truly incredible. I have always adored watching diving!

Diving show at Canada’s Wonderland

We then found a circus show to watch! Everyone in the show was so talented. It was so inspiring to watch them perform and see just want you can accomplish with hard work, love, and dedication. The show was based on the Tundra.

Circus Show at Canada’s Wonderland
Incredible skill!

On our way back to the bus we saw these cute stuffed animals and had to take a picture!

Elizabeth, Karen, and I with the cute stuff animals

We made the most of our day at Canada’s Wonderland and I couldn’t have had a better time!

Had a spectacular time at Canada’s Wonderland!

Now onto the Preliminary Show tomorrow. So excited! Cheer me on and keep voting! 🙂 #25!

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun

Randy Bausch
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