Hello! My name is Maya and I am Miss Teenage Whitby 2019.

Whitby has been my home since I was born and it most certainly holds a big part of my heart. It is where my family and I make our homemade maple syrup. It is where I learned to skate. it is where I learned to ski and swim. Whitby is my home and I am honoured to be able to represent my beautiful city at the National Miss Teenage Canada Pageant.

I have been using my platform as Miss Teenage Whitby to speak around my community and spread awareness and funds for the Pediatric Stroke Foundation. After my brother suffered a stroke in September of this year, this has become a cause that I am passionate about and strongly believe in. By supporting this cause, more children can be saved from strokes and it would allow other families, brothers, sisters and friends to experience the miracle of having more time with the one’s they love, like I have been gifted with my brother. You can check out his awareness video on Pediatric Strokes below.

Now a little bit about who I am! I currently attend Brooklin High School and am going into grade eleven. In my grade 10 year I obtained an average of 94% and I take pride in the academic effort that I put forth. My favourite subjects are History, English and Fitness Phys-Ed. However, I am currently taking a variety of courses to ensure that I keep my options open for post-secondary.

Durham West Lightning 2018-2019

Now for the more fun stuff! One thing I am quite passionate about is sports. I play competitive hockey at the rep level for the Durham West Lightning Association. I previously played with the Whitby Wolves and both organizations were full of beautiful, kind, smart and talented girls that I am so grateful to know. Over the years I have competed in and won several tournaments including the LLFHL (Lower Lakes Female Hockey League) and developed an absolute love for the sport and my teammates, whether it be on a bumpy uneven pond or on the fresh ice of Iroquois Pad 1. But I don’t just play hockey, I am also a dedicated fan and have had a deep love for the Toronto Maple Leafs for as long as I can remember. It is a dream of mine to maybe one day see a Leaf’s game and to just be in the atmosphere of something so exhilarating as a hockey game with the team I love. But until that day comes, my family will continue to watch the games together on the t.v. screen wherever we may be. Hockey is a sport that brings my family and my friends closer than we would ever be without it. Go Leafs Go!

Running the 1500m race!

Another sport I enjoy is Cross Country running. In my grade 9 year, I ran a year up with the grade 10’s and helped our team to win the OFSAA (Ontario Federation Secondary School Athletics) bronze medal in Petawawa… in the snow! It was an exhilarating experience… and a cold one! Something I will never forget. I also compete with my school swim, track and field (1500m, 3000m, Javelin), and badminton teams and have earned myself several LOSSA (Lake Ontario Secondary School Athletics) medals and ribbons along the way.

One of my passions that I enjoy very much is travelling, especially with my family. I love the feeling of being a part of nature and exploring the many great places that our spectacular world has to offer. I have been lucky enough to travel to many different countries outside of Canada, some of which include Australia, India, Austria, Costa-Rica and Germany. The culture in all of these places were so drastically different and yet all so beautiful!

Czech Republic

After having a taste of the fashion and modelling industry from the Miss Teen Ontario Pageant and a couple runway shows, I can safely say that the industry has turned out to be way more fun than I expected! Everyone I have met in the industry so far are incredibly kind and genuine people who are just looking for a platform to express who they truly are and make their mark in our world. I can’t wait to meet more amazing girls at the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant soon!

Cape Cod Beach-Boston

That’s all about me for now! Be sure to check out my social media to see more of my journey towards and during the Pageant!

Instagram: @missteenagewhitby2019

Facebook: @missteenagewhitby2019

Twitter: @TeenageWhitby19

Until next time!

-Maya, Miss Teenage Whitby 2019

Written by: Maya
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