We have come so far, spent months practicing walking in heels, devoted ourselves to countless hours spent in serving and representing the community, and the many gowns we tried on to find the perfect one. Now, we’re just a night away to showcase all that we have got and present the best version of ourself on stage. I am so grateful to have made it this far, but most importantly thank you to this platform, Miss Teenage Canada 2019, who gave meaning to my pageant journey. So thankful, humbled and blessed! From girls, we all are Queens 🙂

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Today was a great day of rehearsal fun!

Miss Teen Canada choreographer Shawn Cuffie put us through our paces learning the opening number and choreography for pageant night. Everyone was energetic and enthusiastic.

The following are some action photos that were shared by Darren Lee, photographer to the famous and the talented artist capturing the memories for the 2019 Miss Teen Canada Pageant.

Tonight we received a selection of gifts from the Miss Teenage Canada organization. Thank you so much for the lovely package!

Thank you MTC for the selection of gifts!

The week has gone by so quickly. I can’t believe tomorrow is Pageant Day! I wanted to take this last opportunity to thank a few amazing people who have made this week so very special;

Michelle Weswaldi, owner and operator of MTC-W. Thank you Michelle for providing this opportunity for young women who have a love of pageantry to go outside of their comfort zone and participate in a national pageant. It has been a wonderful experience.

The famous Marc Gagnon!

Marc Gagnon, owner and operator of Façade Models and the Chef extra-ordinaire at the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant. Marc has ensured that all of the delegates have eaten well and eaten healthy during our time here atMTC! Not an easy feat to feed 38 very hungry teenagers!

Darren Lee and Stan Trac for capturing our Miss Teen Canada Pageant memories

Shawn Cuffiefor bringing your talent and choreography skills to MTC and doing everything you can to ensure we look good on Sunday night on the Miss Teen Canada pageant stage

Angeline MacDonald, owner of Bells and Bows Bridal in Lethbridge Alberta for helping me choose my two presentation gowns! I love them and am excited to wear my second gown on the national stage tomorrow night.

My MTC roommates; Farrah and Jesseca who have made this week so fun and special. I have loved sharing this amazing experience with you. I know we will remain forever friends.

My home pageant family the Miss Teen Ontario East Pageant organization for giving me this opportunity and for being here to support me and encourage me!

Crowned Miss Teen Ontario East 2018

My friends who have been behind me and helped with events and have added moral support when needed

My family for being with me every step of the way, at events, fundraisers, shopping excursions and just as my main support team. I love you so much!

I have treasured my experience here and I am looking forward to representing the Teen Ontario East Pageant and my family on the national stage tomorrow night!

My official photogenic photo for the 2019 Miss Teenage Canada Pageant

Until then,

Be Brave, Be Strong,

Emma, Miss Teen Eastern Ontario 2019

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Hi everyone, it’s Aurora. I can’t believe the day we have all been waiting for is just around the corner. Tomorrow our new Miss Teenage Canada will be crowned and I can’t wait! Today we had rehearsals from 10:30- 4 ish. It has been such an amazing adventure just being here, surrounded by all these amazing girls. It’s going to be such a fun and happy day tomorrow as well as sad to leave all the girls and head back to our homes. Thank you to all the girls that made this experience so wonderful as well as all the staff, and owners of the places we’re staying at and the locations we have been at.

Written by: Aurora
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Wow! Here we are a day away from Final Night. I can’t believe how fast my week has went by. My week at MTC has been full of new friends, new challenges, and fun!

Yesterday was the Preliminary Night where all delegates rocked their swimwear and looked elegant in their evening gowns. It was such an experience to walk on the Miss Teenage Canada stage. Delegates also had the opportunity to showcase their talents. I was amazed by their energy and passion.

We closed the night with a karaoke session on the bus ride back to our hotel. I am so grateful for all the memories I have made so far. I am excited for the next couple days!!


Miss Teenage Nickel Centre 2019

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Hello, Bonjour everyone,

Let’s just say what a thrilling two days that I have had here at Miss Teenage Canada. Day 3 like always was provided with great breakfasts. Once meal was over we then proceeded to go aboard our bus provided as transportation to CANADA’S WONDERLAND for our fun filled day that was provided for us as delegates. THANK YOU so much to Miss Teenage Canada for this experience.

Check out some of our snaps on the bus while heading to Canada’s Wonderland.

During the day, a group of us went to see and stop at Snoopy’s Village so amazing.

Guess what I also got to go back in time and take some 1950’s theme pictures. Humm, but I didn’t see no Patsy Cline impersonator anywhere would have loved to take a picture with her for my great grandma Kikine.

I also want to send a shout out to Avi for our amazing key chains. Thank you.

Once we have returned to the Centennial Residence after our astonishing day at Wonderland, we received our official Hot Water swimwear for the preliminary competition for the next day. I have to honestly say I love the color and the fit of the swimsuit provided for me and again Thank you Hot Water love it.

Day 4 Preliminary day

Breakfast eaten and we are off on our way to the venue this was a big day for us girls. We began our day with rehearsals. Time does fly by when you are having so much fun that I didn’t even how fast the day was going that it was lunchtime for us girls. Yummy what can I say my favorite Caesar salad.

Guess what now it’s fun time.

It was Glam o’clock for all of us ladies we got our hair and makeup done for us to look incredible for the Preliminary’s.

I just wanted to say Thank you to Hannah who helped me do my hair! LOVED LOVED LOVED my curls.  

I decided to bring my Miss Teenage Canada sign that I designed in welding class for us to do some pictures and also for a memory for myself of the time that I spent here at the competition.

During Preliminary show, I was lucky enough to watch some remarkable talent from my new pageant sisters.

After our exciting and exhausting day, we were back on the bus to return to the residence but not without signing a little bit of Miley Cyrus -Party In The U. S. A. What an awesome way to finish the day.

A la prochaine, Until next time,

“Today you are you, that is truer then true. There is no one alive who is youer than you” Dr. Seuss

Love Chloe

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Hello, Bonjour 🙂

Yesterday night was the preliminary show!

We rehearsed all day before the show to insure we were ready to show our walks!

The preliminary show consists of evening gown, swimwear, and talent! I absolutely love all the sections of the show.

In evening gown we get to showcase our poise and elegance.

Swimwear is a fun, upbeat routine. We got to wear swimwear from Hot Water Swimwear. I’m in love with my swimwear!

For talent, I did a lyrical/ballet to “Hands” by Jewel.

At eighteen years old Jewel became homeless and at this time she used mediation and mindful practices in order to keep pursuing her life. She wrote songs that told the truth about her journey and the struggles she had survived. Jewel is one of my role models and was a major inspiration for the development of my platform, based upon the importance of having gratitude and a positive attitude throughout your life. My dance revolves around having hope, being strong, being kind, and overall being grateful in even the lowest moments in your life. We are never broken. 

Overall, I am very proud of myself for how I performed and am very excited for finals this Sunday!

Now I’m onto rehearsals for the day!

My look for today! #25

In the end only kindness matters.

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Day 4 was another exciting day at MTC! We spent the day rehearsing and getting hair and makeup done for the Preliminary competition.

A very special Thank You to Jenn and Carmina for the amazing hair and makeup! You ladies always work your magic to make us all look ready for the runway!

Preliminaries were a bit nerve racking at first but it was also very exciting. It was great to have the support of my family and MTOE pageant family in the audience. They were certainly boisterous in their supportive manner when I hit the stage!

My Preliminary Evening Gown from Bells and Bows Bridal in Lethbridge Alberta

I was so excited to wear the first of two gorgeous evening gowns from Bells and Bows Bridal in Lethbridge, Alberta. I will be wearing my second stunning gown on stage at the official pageant. I love both gowns and feel confident and special in both!

The swimsuit competition was next. That was certainly intimidating but we were all in it together and everyone did a great job modelling our adorable swimsuits from the Miss Teenage Canada Swimsuit sponsor; HOT WATER SWIMWEAR and we walked confidently in our sparkly shoes from VANGELO FOOTWEAR!

My super cute swimsuit from HOT WATER Swimwear!

My stylish shoes from Vangelo Footwear

The Talent show followed the Preliminary competition and the talent displayed by my fellow delegates was AMAZING! Singing, dancing, auctioneering, piano playing and event a drum solo. For those of us not participating in the optional Talent competition, we were able to change into our cocktail dresses and enjoy the show! I have no idea how the judges will pick a talent winner. They were all fantastic!

After the Preliminaries and Talent competition came to a close we had a few minutes to visit with our family and friends who have come to cheer us on! It was GREAT to see everyone! I am so fortunate to have such a great support team here!

At the Reception after Preliminaries
With my Cousin Lindsay who came to cheer me on
My friend Lily was also here to add support

The evening was exciting! I can’t believe how quickly the week is flying by. Tomorrow is a major rehearsal day and then Sunday is Pageant Day!

Stay tuned to see an update on Day 5

Be Brave, Be Strong,

Emma, Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario

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Yesterday, all the girls got to go to Canada’s Wonderland in Vaughan! I always love going there in the summer, but enjoyed it a million times more with all the beautiful angels of Miss Teenage Canada. Although many people aren’t a big fan of rides, I am a huge thrill-seeker, which was why I naturally love roller coasters.

Miss Teenage Canada’s Contestants

My favourite ride has always been the Behemoth since it is very chill along with being frightening at the same time. In second place on my list is the Leviathan, because I love the height of it before you drop down and soar at an ultra-fast speed through the rest of the coaster. It was super fun to guide all those new to the amusement park and show them my favourite rides

I had such a good time spent and it was a day filled with memories that will stay with me forever 🙂

Shay and Me, after grabbing lunch

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Hi everyone, it’s Aurora. Today we rehearsed our swimsuit number for Sunday’s show for most of the day. After rehearsal we had our hair and makeup done in preparation for our first show/ competition on swimwear and our evening gown. We also had the option to participate in a talent competition. My talent was singing “scares to your beautiful”. The day was really fun and you can watch the full behind the scenes at Stan Trac on YouTube. Our next and last show is this Sunday weekend, get tickets as soon as possible!

swim wear outfit minus the sash and crown
Bus back
Written by: Aurora
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Hello, Bonjour 🙂

The preliminary show is tonight for Miss Teenage Canada which calls for our official MTC headshots and our sponsored swimwear by Hot Water Swimwear.

My official Miss Teenage Canada 2019 headshot!

I have gotten a lot of support throughout my journey to Miss Teenage Canada. I am very grateful for all of those who push me to grow as an individual and to shine in my own authentic way.

Hot Water Swimwear

I would like to thank Hot Water Swimwear again for our amazing swimwear for the competition. I absolutely love all the styles and mine fits perfectly!

My swimwear from Hot Water Swimwear for Miss Teenage Canada!

I’m now ready for the preliminary show! I can’t wait!  Cheer me on! #25

Now onto rehearsals!

Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.

Brian Tracy
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